Playing with the emotions and it’s not a remote event, the cue card of the articulate with the demon as their mate, use ridicule, praise and dishonor, ply it with the heart and it’s needs, eventually they create a powerful withering tool. And they think they will get away with it, amen, poor suckers the damage they have done is pilled high in the book of the dead, no cleansing agent left but when did they care about anyone, sure, we didn’t do that, blame the others, tears don’t even create a stir, plan in progress to remake the world, exit the evil vultures their spin doctor advisors and all there supporters,


I’ve seen the golden city and it’s just as the good book states, shiny bright and full of light and delight no dictators no tyrants therein, women vastly outnumber the men and it’s within reach, open your hearts.

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