A Child’s Request

Are we ever going to go to the beach he asks, he spent the morning cleaning the house, he wanted to help his mammy, and the preacher said that if you did good, that God would help you, so the little child did according to what he learned. The preacher didn’t explain the talents part unfortunately, and how the greater majority simply abused them all, reducing the chances for acts of love to flow, purely mathematics.

He finds a spade, and there is a bucket under the stairs, his friend is going to the beach with his mammy and daddy, why can’t I.

The view from the yacht is majestic, and the teeny weenie girls are so risqué in their do dare bikini’s , the older men can’t take their eyes off them. Turns the clock back at least thirty years, but they need the assistance of chemicals to do anything, the old men.



Make sweet noise, all you need, a good producer, someone good with sound, a decadent lifestyle, late night brawls, paparazzi, an agent, and a steely determination, a reliable drug dealer, it wont help, but it helps to have one still alive, they both laugh, and a doctor who will prescribe. The young artist, the latest new bee, is listening to the ageing rocker, on his third liver, and on a waiting list for a kidney, which won’t be too long, there is one being flown in from Pakistan later in the week. The kid is mesmerized by the gold rings on the thick fingers, is that spoon really gold, it’s better than meeting the Pope. Want to try some, he spots the kid eyeing his Oreo’s, just one, i don’t normally.

The kid leaves the den, an out of town estate, he rides a taxi back to the city, a little high. So that’s what I can expect, a refrigerator full of replacement organs, a doctor who does the illegal, and friends who hang around while the drugs are free. Not a good way to use your talent, amen.

Dark Chaos

A random comment, dark energy consumes, light energy gives, you know?, she asked, he swung his tongue around his mouth, a few times, giving himself time, wasn’t it obvious, surely a child could figure this out. There were so many common day experiences that proved this, did it require an answer, dark energy consumes, it eats you away, dulls your creative function, depress’s, causes you to consume more just to get over it, as pervasive as a deeply rooted cancer, you have to stop it quickly otherwise it will take over.

I should have a teacher he sighed, I am a teacher he replied, we are all teachers then he sighed, we are just not aware of it. In the world of light, God communicated, that stone was lifted, baggage thrown overboard, the ship begins to rise, the boat is buoyant again, the heart smiles. Solomon recalled the early parables, sleeping on the boat, the storm, why worry, where is your faith, don’t you listen at all. Solomon recalled the harsh words Jesus used on the early teachers of the law, the pharisee’s, how he reminded the early believers, not to follow their example, just listen. Solomon recalled, how often it was said; they burden those they are supposed to bring to the light, their man made laws are meaningless, they only lead to chaos.

2,000 years later, the same truths held true, dark energy consumes, light energy gives. Holy Spirit did not live in the darkness, but brought the darkness to the light, amen.

102-Year-Old Red Sox Fan Getting Out Of Hospital In Time To Attend World Series — CBS Boston… you are never too old, a re blog of course


BOSTON (CBS) – A 102-year-old Red Sox fan is being released from a Rhode Island hospital Tuesday so she can attend her fourth World Series at Fenway Park. Mary Latowski is recovering from a stroke she suffered about three and a half weeks ago. She’s been in rehab working to get stronger. Mary Latowski (Image…

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The Mexican Caravan

The Great exodus, a small group, a thin stream, becomes a river of human beings, seeking dignity in the world, they hear about the land of dreams, then the smurf raises his head, go back go back, a small Honduran child, a good grade student does the math; how many are we, seven thousand, the number of a small town, less than 150 per state if you were to move us around, why would the president use refugees as political pawns, why would a President drop a nuclear device and kill 100,000 in a few minutes, and leave many thousands more suffering all their lives!. Donald feels the heat, they are not turning back, his medical check up is due the same day, later in the day Donald is with the doctor, blood pressure fine, no problems with circulation either, There is nothing wrong with you Mr President!…

Donald shakes his head, scratches his head, it’s called hair. Then why am I heating up then he asks.

Well, the doctor says, as you get older, I could be wrong, Donald is loosing patience, say it Doc, I have a country to ruin, sorry run, I meant run.

When you were a small boy you always wanted to go on a caravan holiday, and you are having a flash back to those days, when your father said you had to work all the time, otherwise you’d get nowhere….

One way of explaining it…..


Back to School

I’m making so much money what have I to learn he thought, dumb, why don’t you go make a buck, telling us we need to go back to school, stupid, a caravan of refugees marching towards the border, what do they expect, a welcoming committee, I’ll give them a, can’t say that either, he puts the magnum back in the drawer. America is becoming such a wheeze, allowing people in those far off places worry us, what’s up. Big mouth shuts up, the teacher is in class, back to school she says. The assembly, all drunk drivers caught in the act, doing their penance, well, it’s three months in detention otherwise.

Why are you here she says, money mouth cringes, thick bitch, who does she think she is, the President, speaks under his breath, she picks it up, Money she says, will you shut up, and listen. The smell of greed, same as the scent you get when all worked up, the buzz. We don’t want you repeating your old ways, do we, the class nods. They were all involved in serious accidents, they escaped this time.  The more you repeat a habit, the more it becomes you, money mouth sighs, I could be making money rather than listening to this. You too money she says, catching him again, one thing on his mind.

Advertising works, none of the drivers were ever heard of again in law enforcement circles. If only we could apply the wisdom to only habits; in time sighed Solomon.

Jamal Khashoggi

A news man, a reporter, an observer, dies unlawfully, his goal to shine a light, bring about change, he certainly has achieved that. While there are outcries, condemnations, reflect a moment, do we blame the KKK for white supremacy, do we brand extremists, do we splash the same paint on the entire population, do we rush to judgment.

As said all those years ago, death is not the end, but the beginning of the next Journey. His leaving of this world, has opened up the world he left behind, may he rest in peace.

Big Eyes…

Turned down, abused, miss treated, as soon as she wakes, she forgives it all, don’t carry the baggage dear, the night before, she was a dancer, taking off her clothes, writhing for men, a snake charmer, shuffling her body like a deck of cards, going table to table, there is a time limit, she needs to get paid, she is going through college, she wants to be an aid worker, healing is her role.

Next morning, She dabs the lips, she will spend an hour at the shelter, go from room to room, drop a few bills here and there, just chat for a few minutes, the higher power is helping her, one day her face will grace all the magazines of the world, she is a star in the making.

From cold places, from experiences that few can handle, can you imagine getting your clothes off to entertain men, probably not, to earn a living, that is different, the inner feeling and the face you attach, this too will pass you tell yourself, someone good will eventually come along, he begins to froth she sighs and wiggles some more…

In the expression she can spot the menu, it’s on the drink splattered table, the risque list, the do’s and the don’t’s, being able to read it, is the greatest expectation of some. Smile big eyes, your day has come!., the Spirit tells her it’s all going to work out…

Solomon sighed, the games they played, the hints they drop, was it really worth it, there were many waking to a better day, the Spirit from above was over powering evil, and turning those of evil intent into babbling fools, of course it’s worth it, the world has never seen so many changes in so short a time, it was all good, amen.

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Everyone has their own favorite types of music. What one person enjoys, another person may not understand. That’s okay. What matters is that you play music that you enjoy. Studies show that music can light up all the areas of our brains. Any kind of music. As long as we enjoy it. So all we have […]

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