There is a crisis over there, over there, where Italy too, there, and also over there, everywhere you look, it’s changing, while some leaders posture, assuming they are immune from it all, there is no money for this, lets recommend some budget cuts, meanwhile our leaders, many of them, protect the off shore havens where trillions are stored, you can’t say that, what’s a few trillion dollars between a few friends. Donald announces a budget cut, the environment cutbacks are too much for america to bare, we can’t afford this, besides this environment thing it’s blown out of proportions, a couple of months later, the environment problem rises it’s head the Houston flood waters a timely reminder, as for that pipe under the sacred Sioux lands, it’s cheaper than going around the long way, Solomon shook his head, he encountered the Great Spirit, and many blessings flowed, evidence of a divine authority, as if we needed proof of how a beautiful flower was created, by accident  i suppose. Mother Nature as all spirits lived in some of us, as sure as Jesus said so clearly, God Most High is in all of us you just need to make room and abide in the ways of love.

America is being robbed by the low tax regimes, it’s time we took the money home, does that sound very Donald, seems he had a blind spot, convenient truth, he ignored the off share tax havens, that were stealing billions legally every living day. Well, if you believe in the law of God, one day you have to account for it all, amen.

Solomon encountered Holy Spirit, and so much more, and if that isn’t enough to convince you, well, think of the events that are recurring frequently, reform or there will not even be clean water left, amen.


Harmony Row (reign of woman)

Harmony Row, the “Reign of Woman”


Fear is destroying,

over reacting zealots,

forever pumping hatred,

closing hearts daily,

shutting everyone up,

with their every move,

never practising they preach,

using every form of escape,

the story of the world,

extremists enjoying the ping pong,

God Most High looking on,

have they forgotten how to love,

would appear so,

they continue to poison minds,

numbers more important,

easier to hide,

truth banished from people,

what’s the fear you wonder,

talking points at the davos summit,


man in the sky is watching,

checking the clock counting,

can they recover the abyss,

angels sent to warn them,

old singing prophets worn

elite control room in disarray

moment of great change has come

next stop the new world order

women taking over,

total eclipse of the power of man,

time for heaven on earth to reign,

for at least awhile, amen,

welcome to harmony row