Jesus Didn’t Wait….

He could never imagine Jesus sitting there, wondering what to do, it never happened that way, that was the way of old roman empire, and that was gone for ever, he wasn’t going to wait either. the power of words were in his realm, and so much had been lost on account of inaction, it was not going to be one of those cheap repeats, never now or ever again, it didn’t work that way, and no amount of argument was going to alter that way of thinking.


It was time to set the fire, and not stop, there was too much at stake, and he was the one pushing the boat out, comfort zones were fine, but when the list of misses continues, and demons active too, it was unthinkable, even if the highest authority in the world was involved, it was a step too far, and Solomon was not going to be coy and afraid, do it and take the risks, it was not a question of wondering if it was going to work out, the signs were from heaven, the real ones, and the signs were plastered everywhere, everywhere, it was not going to be an assuaging effort, those days were dead. It wasn’t successful because he sat there waiting.


The fact was simply this; he wrote it so often it could not have been missed. Apart from those who collude with the religious, what was that going to do, nothing in essence, just more of the same. Solomon had to qualms about putting it as clear as possible, this was not going as he had hoped, and that was the end of the matter.


His actions were pointed in one direction, and he was dealing with eternity, heaven’s way, the death of evil, and the change so promised, all those years ago. Soothers were for children, no one else. The point was being reached. He saw what happened in the past to others, and they drip drip method was not going to suffice anymore, those days were over for all time, amen. He saw too many cover ups, it was not a negotiation, amen.

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