Solomon’s Light

the helper will come along do not worry it never fails, the words of the Great Prophet, spoken 2,ooo years ago, the promise of eternity and all it offered, he sat alone while his worries piled up, he wasn’t too worried seemed not to have a doubt, can this be real they said with such a cavalier attitude, and again and again the helper arrived, solomon was reminsiing on the visit of friends, just as he needed them they came again and again, the words of Jesus are truly life giving, and he had the proof of it, amen.

when you lift a worry you free the heart, when you say hello to a stranger, your asking if they are all right, when your heart sheds a tear or two, it’s because of the love you have inside you, it could be a memory of an old friend or a love that was set free, just imagine it, love lights the heavens the way it sometimes makes us cry, amen.

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