Donald Trump

was it something i said, the attention the campaign is getting,

it’s all win win isn’t it?, i understand poverty and it’s hardships,

i have the answer to all problems, i even read my bible don’t i,

that wall across mexico, it sounds like a good idea don’t it,

banning the Islamic

people too, sounds like a great idea,

why did i run for president, sounded like a good idea,

could turn the white-house into a hotel i suppose,  another good

idea, where’s the hair dresser gone!

record increase in people needing mind medication, a gun under every bed,

forty million living in poverty, children mentally assaulted daily, Donald what

are you going to do about that?, probably nothing, amen…and don’t try to

blame the other guys!, you want to become the president.



2 thoughts on “Donald Trump

    • well, if america was a real estate empire you’d say fine, but an army on demand and nuclear weapons makes it rather scary, thanks for your comments, happy easter

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