can’t afford that either!

small boy walks the street with mother hand in hand,

stops to look at the windows but simply doesn’t understand,

Santa can’t afford that either son she says with a damp sigh,

he turns his head and asks still wonders mom why can’t I,

i wrote a letter like all the others he believes in the good,

passes another shop window looks in with admiring eyes,

a train set and it’s all done up even got a few figurines,

nope son Santa can’t afford a train he’s got a bus pass son,

goes home wondering what can poor old Santa afford,

his head drops and he is all sad his Santa plan is going down,

and when children loose that dream, it’s something gone,

and Love itself, and we can’t afford that either!


Facebook founder giving it away, today the child waits,

well if he wants to put a smile on millions of faces!




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