James Bond

rat tat tat tat rat tat tat tat tat rat tat, got him

would you like a martini darling….

rat tat tat tat tat rat tat rat tat rat tat tat

sorry darling was doing some business

oh James your such a devil! hahahaha

zoom zoom thud zoom bang crack skull

fell off building thud thud thud bang bang

ducked in time just missed another bullet

ah darling  i need to send these to the cleaners

his trousers….

rat tat tat rat tat tat tat rat tat tat rat….

crunching a few bags of crisps slurps some coke

what was it all about,

another fine spectre.!

did anyone ever hear of the so called…

emperor’s clothes syndrome

maybe i’m the only one i guess!

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climate chat

too many chemicals in the air the bee’s in trouble,

too many promises that they will never ever keep,

too many chat’s about the climate we depend upon,

to many leaders with their paws in the candy jar,

so what climate are they talking the change of,

the political climate the social climate what then!,

they said all this more than forty years ago,

and we all know what has happened since then.!




lets change this, i think that’s a good idea too, no lets

change that, no i have an even better idea, well it’s not

how i see it, ah, how about this then, no, i prefer, no

looks to obvious, they might assume your trying

something new, i never thought of that, i think i’ll

go back to being myself, change, damn it, it’s just too

much of an effort, changing

Climate Chimes

too many cows out there but we have to eat,

to many people living in fear there is no doubt,

too many children living without both parents,

too many women suffering all kinds of violence,

too man drugs available on every modern street,

climate change what do we mean about that?,

it appears to me he said with a very wry smile,

that climate change experts are totally clueless,

trying to alter what while ignoring all of that,