we  do this ourselves  don’t need support,

privatize the services we’ll take care of them,

lobby men and women jingle into the town,

rolls of paper and contracts support them,

accountant works out the cost of service,

cut this and that we’ll have a hefty profit,

jail time care time hospital needs time,

soon it’s all a game of cash takings,

soon the whole system falls down,

money money money…

In private it’s all we need,

in the end it means nothing at allche2

Standards for Bank Robbers

You go into a bank, you produce a gun, and order the cash, gun goes off, injures someone, homeless at the time, judge gives you twenty,  local press cheers, as does the public, you’re a bank, tax free zone, you lend,  to those who propose,  to take over a small country, the details vague, the return is big, you get the applause, respect of the press, such a shrewd move, in difficult circumstances, you helped over throw, a government interested in people, the financiers came from a gaggle of sources, the owners of the money not established, assorted funds well branded banks and others, five hundred thousand lives ruined, many are murdered and imprisoned etc etc, they treat the guy with gun harshly, ignoring the organizersIMG_5757 of the illegal army, bullying I suppose is hard to deal with, amen.

You are told it was the right, in the aftermath there is despair,  and every horror possible, you call yourself a soldier,  a formula repeated again and again, finally the aggressors control the world almost, then The Mighty True God gets ready, once people start using their talents wisely, just saying, it’s the reality of God, something men and women try to squash, faith in Love and Justice, faith in all that is divine.

Divine intervention divine standards, it’s an awakening of divine portions, that is here to stay, amen.

Almost Forgotten

The wind blows, it’s misty, the cold has given way to mild, the cut is easy, makes sitting reasonable, ten in the morning, another seven hours to go. She’s got her pillow, a slice of duvet. She curls into a ball, begging bowl in front, she waits. Each donation is met with a quite thank you. She’s been doing this for over a year. In this town she’s welcome, They’d prefer to see her on her feet. Occasionally a stranger stops, a few words exchanged. Everyone is suspicious to her. Her mother before her, her sister, all begged for survival and their men. One day it will all stop. She’ll be in charge or dead. She didn’t choose the life, being born into it.

So many pass her,  donations increase in these difficult times. In the evening, they will collect her, where she goes, no one actually understands. The next day she’ll be there. When in such circumstance, it’s hard getting used to other ways. it’s the legacy of fear endured passed on. Compounded by lack of education, decades of persecution, her outcome reminds you, dche2epending what time of history you are in, you could have been her. The first martyrs, the Jews, Huguenots, cathars,  17th century irish, an African trying to escape the war zone, children in  the refugee camps, Syria Iraq and elsewhere, there are many, food for thought I suppose, never forgotten, amen.

Let’s talk about psychosis. Let’s especially learn from those who’ve been there.

we need to understand mental anguish and to stop branding people,

Everything Matters

This report: Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia – A Valuable, and Free, Online Report which was featured on Beyond Meds the other day is getting a LOT of attention in the UK. This is very exciting.  Many are still very afraid to have this very important conversation…the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of people are at stake.

From the Guardian:

If psychosis is a rational response to abuse, let’s talk about it

There is something of a sea change in the way we understand experiences that have traditionally been labelled as psychotic. In our culture at least, experiences such as hearing voices or seeing visions have long been viewed by the medical establishment as unequivocal symptoms of mental illness. Treatment has tended to focus on the suppression of such “symptoms” using antipsychotic medication.

Research (often funded by drugs companies) has been largely concerned with the brain as a physical…

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Waiting For Godot

This is not two thousand years, this is the opportunity of eternity, this is not waiting for Godot, this is the heart of every child waiting, hoping to see love come in the door, this is the woman deserted and unloved, this is the call of all lifetimes, this is not sentimental or unfair, this is the call for great change, this is the bell that needs to be heard, this is not a time for timid behavior, this is not a time for settling scores, this is the time to give it your all, this is the day you are reborn, this is the opportunity few ever get near to, this is not an escape but a future, this is now and love makes it happen, hiding behind numbers and games of scrabble, it’s simply not acceptable at this time, the signs are in the heavens and sky, the messages the reminders the repeating numbers, it’s called doing and believing without doubts, when God Most High calls you take notice, the image of the men in the sky, it’s 100% real, amen., you are not expected to get ready, when you are called you are deemed ready by divine authority, its’ really that simple, amen. One God One Love No Religion No Fear Pure Wisdom. If you want to be like the Pharisees of old, accept their fate…remain stubborn, waiting for Godot never worked!IMG_5757

Dear Angela

Mrs Merkel

World is awash with cash, it’s really there, being printed night and day, in vaults, overseas hidden off shore, even behind walls, and it’s also Christmas time. Young mother with inadequate support, so she’s had her problems, do you want to penalise the children, all she want,  a Christmas for her children, it’s in the interests of everyone, it’s the best interest of everyone, what teacher needs to deal with troublesome children, you say you want to build community,  there’s things she’d like to give them, well Christmas is that time of year, every parent wants their child to smile, it’s important to them, she’s a poor credit rating gal, has a few unpaid small debts, is there anything all those high talking activists can do, the super star politicians, the celebrity circus of appealers, well, if you’ve got a few million extra, and there’s great need everywhere, if your appealing to God for mercy, do something about it, why not pool your resources, just start to share a little more, mighty words about far off places, why ignore what’s outside your door, it’s one of the strange occurrences out there. Young mother goes to the money lender, there’s nothing else she can do, the interest rate is off the radar, but it’s payable if she’s on time too, come January she’s got more debts, if she pays off the money lender, she’ll have her other services cut off, it’s catch 22 if you see it, her children are bound to suffer, they are bound to be resentful too, much easier to create added credit system, even a gift at Christmas, billionaires what are you going to do, governments what credit facilities have you in place, this is a once in a year moment, this situation re occurs year after year, I’m tired listening to all those charities, they’ve been saying this for decades, God Most High is going to evaluate everyone, leaders of the EU you have shown wisdom, happier the family the better it is for all, Mrs Merkel how do you feel, amen.Copy of IMG_2498