Mental Wealth

Mental health a priority, fill their heads and fast, don’t want them thinking,  wont be good to work, and if they prove difficult, invent some new medication, drugs work, here’s the neat paperwork, see that signature, a world expert, who can’t be bought, mental health for children, condition of the mind, drugs for that as well, the actions of marketers, who set out to deceive, you want a promotion, that’s TV that’s internet, we can’t control that, mentally controlled almost everyone, till the sun came shining, then signs appeared from the heavens, numbers and messages repeating, reform reform reform, must be something in that, spiritually speaking that is..amen……propaganda half truth, misleading news items, set to incite, what do children assume, what about the child that is slow, that’s what prison is for, suppose you haven’t given it much thought, too much of this world less of the next, must be something to that, mental wealth is a life long journey, amenghandhi


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