Fuddy duddy, awkward slow, not always, available 247, always an ear, financier of sorts, now I’m here, surrounded by strangers, family everyone busy, not the way I was, never thought I’d end up here, my pants soiled, my heart tearing, no one listening, diagnosed with an old disease, so easy to get rid of, a statistic and consultants report, they wait for me to end, but I’m not giving up, there’s a star waiting to carry me off, if I could see then, amen.

They call early, change me again, it’s their routine, there’s many of us, what I did for others, they do for me, I’d prefer it to be family, but it’s not possible, whose the idiot, that invented old peoples homes, turning humanity into business, it’s just we never notice, there’s profit in it, everyone is doing it, it’s a good investment, is that all I am, seems so at the end of days, here’s your pills Doris, she swallows another one and another amen.


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