Good Tidings

Bad reputations unearned,

good reputations stolen,

networked across the globe,

using every trick they can,

vulnerable souls everywhere,

who simply don’t understand,

until things go wrong,

religious too political minded,

an effort to remain strong,

networks using every group,

are sexually elite too,

the basic instant well tuned,

they have to be perverse,

it’s how they get along,

contacts everywhere,

no one can undermine them,

they prey on whoever,

don’t get in their way,

they decide and that’s it,

only business they say,

the children they provide,

who cares about them anyway,

their reign grew from land to land,

they were supreme in command,

but they fell into one mighty trap,

their conceit became them,

and none of them are getting away,

spaceship or no spaceship, amen,

the pictures before you, look at it very closely, it’s one of a set taken, God Most High is with you, there is nothing to fear anymore,  Heaven is real, the nightmare scenario, the one they tried to banish, the hope that true love exists,IMG_5757IMG_5755 and that’s as good as it gets, the demon has been defeated, it’s just a case of cleaning up, amen.

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