Family Of San Francisco Window Washer Who Survived 11-Story Fall Asking For Donations To Cover Hospital Bills

11 story fall, survives, if the land of all the billionaires turns their back on this miracle, what is the world coming to…imagine, having to worry about health costs after such a blessing

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A donation fund has been started for the San Francisco window cleaner who survived an 11-story fall last month.

The family of 50-year-old Pedro Perez has asked for donations to help pay for his recovery costs and mounting family bills after he fell about 130 feet while washing the windows of 400 Montgomery Street on November 21st.

“Our dad’s life is the best gift we could’ve received this holiday season,” says his 19-year old daughter, Monica Perez. “But our family just lost its main breadwinner, and we need help staying above water as we navigate a difficult recovery process.”

Perez suffered internal bleeding as well as a broken arm and fractured pelvis, according to his daughter.

In a televised interview, she said he is off a breathing machine and he is talking. His family is expected to give an update on his condition in Oakland…

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