Emigrant Issues and the Environment

If you can’t fix the small issues how can you expect to solve the major issues. The teacher is perplexed, words from a school boy, sound perfect, the simplicity. The boy watches the evening news, a human catastrophe, police cars, the voices of politicians, concerned news anchors, the child listens. People on the move across the world, fleeing from regimes, fleeing from terror, if they can’t solve this minor problem, how can they solve the environment issue. The boy hears about the endangered species vanishing, the poor water quality, is interested, he is a child of the world, and wants to enjoy it. But here on TV, he watches, as the same scene is repeated, again and again, while men in power taunt each other on how they are better at leading than the others, while the boy and millions like him watch and wonder.

Jesus told parables about responsibility, the giving of talents, how they are to be used, how those good in small ways and given more, while those who are bad managers are given nothing. While Jesus was talking about the Kingdom, the parable applies to each day, and what is expected of those, who want to enter that Kingdom, amen.


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