My Pedestal

Be my idol, the praise, the trust, he is the living truth, she dreams of the man, the pedestal, he’s on a plinth as regards her emotions, thoughts of him make her high, her mood lifts, no gloom when he is around, both a drug and a rescue in one, someone you can trust in, he commands respect. The higher the achievements, the awards, his standing grows, others join in the praise, the success overwhelming, his emotions a magnet, almost controlling, she follows every action, the plinth grows higher.

The effort to discredit Jesus is a lesson to all, not that those who tried to discredit Him, did themselves too many favors, they only confirmed the greatest of truths, and possibly felt great despair, at what they were trying to do Him, they were in truth doing to themselves, denying their own belief, amen. As for those they assumed to be friends, they soon found out, a truth many have to endure; there are many who are deceived and are glad to be deceived, and they then find themselves, trying to get back to their roots.

The tree and it’s fruit; the truth of some, our faith, our way, we lead you to God, we are true; these words on many lips. The river has flowed, the waters mix, and years later, the great understanding is reached, through the gospels of Jesus, that reveals the great truth about God; you can only be of God by worshiping, in the Holy Name, by living in deeds, amen. How so many are put on a pedestal, and while they inspire us for a time, inevitably, they are replaced in our emotions, for very few endure to the end, love that is. Therefore, says Jesus, worship only God, who is and will always be the same, and so in trust, you can believe in Jesus and have no doubts, and in trust your deeds show, amen.

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