Need help, feeling oppressed, tired, under strain, nowhere to run, feeling helpless, and no one to listen with, where do you go, to whom do you turn, mentally traumatized, hurt from the past, your feelings all over the place, your hoping things will work out, to whom do you turn, or who won’t take advantage of me, you carry baggage, old worries, you’ve read the headlines, they make you feel blue, the answer, well, there are safe places, but who touches the heart, and here is the healing advice, stop, what is it your running for. Inner fear, that’s the old stuff, hold on, violent action, the memory too sharp, hard to breath when he is about, hold on, the answer is near, who said it with words, why words, who is the living word, whom, but the one who promises eternal life, the one who calms storms, the one who puts leaders in a spin, the one whose words have been proved to be, a 100% true, none other, stop, can you pay the rent this month, stop worrying, the one and only, what, politicians make promises all the time, what, the man you need to listen, the one who warns others, don’t allow people to lose their trust in others, what, stop, the heart is listening, the prayers of anxiety, the one, what, this is taking for ages, this is like waking up, hurry, the bus in on the way, will you hurry up, what, the heart begins to ease, feeling better already, yes, the rhythm, the soothing pour of words, slowly now, don’t be so much in a hurry, put the needle down, that’s a crutch, this is not fake, listen, everyone has to account for the habits they encourage, it’s God’s truth, so don’t worry, the signs, they are all over the place, distracted, stop, you have too much to worry about, seriously, are you going to tell us at last, well, it’s not the name, it’s the practice that counts, stop, this is confusing, what, there are easier ways of saying it, but there is only one way of doing it, you have to show it live, amen.

Trust in the Name of Jesus Christ, in fear, frightened, no space inside, terrified, frightened, this name is the Name you have to remember, read the gospels, all of them, don’t stop, say the name, and ask for help, your heart will be at ease, and those that make you fearful, will hear it too, the signs are all over the sky, this is 100% real, hold firm.

Solomon sighed, those confused, mentally tired, those in need of inside ease, had to find space inside, the one name that put the Fear of God into the hearts of all evil men, Jesus Christ, the panic they cause, will rebound on them, so Solomon wrote, Dear Children, rely on your divine friend, amen. Start online, the gospels, the old words, it’s the living word of God, never panic again.


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