Eternal Truths

Parables, stories, teachings, the clarity of the instruction, the good Samaritan, the deeds, simply put, the reason, the corruption of men with regulations, amen, no drama, its too simple, children get it, and as children, the soul isn’t bothered by all the ugly misdeeds they keep to themselves, for these can’t be hidden, now, then or in the future, the marks are etched on the soul, some are dark, some show light, it’s a fools game, those who can think otherwise, so what do the signs mean.

The simple way of saying it, its the ancient world, the ancient prophets, the reminders, that change is on the way, and the need to prepare the heart for the moment, when it will be as written. Talk of Jesus, further teaches us, through story, that there are ways to improve the position of the soul, and added to the signs, help in other words, to assist those seeking the eternal life, now that Heaven can be said to be read, thereby, make your own conclusions. God always wins, that is not in doubt, and evil is sent to it’s permanent home, that’s it, amen.


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