Need help, feeling oppressed, tired, under strain, nowhere to run, feeling helpless, and no one to listen with, where do you go, to whom do you turn, mentally traumatized, hurt from the past, your feelings all over the place, your hoping things will work out, to whom do you turn, or who won’t take advantage of me, you carry baggage, old worries, you’ve read the headlines, they make you feel blue, the answer, well, there are safe places, but who touches the heart, and here is the healing advice, stop, what is it your running for. Inner fear, that’s the old stuff, hold on, violent action, the memory too sharp, hard to breath when he is about, hold on, the answer is near, who said it with words, why words, who is the living word, whom, but the one who promises eternal life, the one who calms storms, the one who puts leaders in a spin, the one whose words have been proved to be, a 100% true, none other, stop, can you pay the rent this month, stop worrying, the one and only, what, politicians make promises all the time, what, the man you need to listen, the one who warns others, don’t allow people to lose their trust in others, what, stop, the heart is listening, the prayers of anxiety, the one, what, this is taking for ages, this is like waking up, hurry, the bus in on the way, will you hurry up, what, the heart begins to ease, feeling better already, yes, the rhythm, the soothing pour of words, slowly now, don’t be so much in a hurry, put the needle down, that’s a crutch, this is not fake, listen, everyone has to account for the habits they encourage, it’s God’s truth, so don’t worry, the signs, they are all over the place, distracted, stop, you have too much to worry about, seriously, are you going to tell us at last, well, it’s not the name, it’s the practice that counts, stop, this is confusing, what, there are easier ways of saying it, but there is only one way of doing it, you have to show it live, amen.

Trust in the Name of Jesus Christ, in fear, frightened, no space inside, terrified, frightened, this name is the Name you have to remember, read the gospels, all of them, don’t stop, say the name, and ask for help, your heart will be at ease, and those that make you fearful, will hear it too, the signs are all over the sky, this is 100% real, hold firm.

Solomon sighed, those confused, mentally tired, those in need of inside ease, had to find space inside, the one name that put the Fear of God into the hearts of all evil men, Jesus Christ, the panic they cause, will rebound on them, so Solomon wrote, Dear Children, rely on your divine friend, amen. Start online, the gospels, the old words, it’s the living word of God, never panic again.


Time for Love, Time Above

Away from the greasy thoughts that stick to our palms, the sweaty anxiety, that state, the worries, rise up your heart, reach up, make a new beginning, the slow tingle of newness is on the way, and it’s wonderful, no more self worth examinations, no more far off considerations, no more waiting for change, feel the world around you, the universal changes, then consider the well being of children, and how they deal with this tempest.

Why do disasters arrive, what does it do inside, what happens when we feel empathy, we start to change inside. Questions are asked, and faith is tested, its like going through the ring with a professional, you have to know yourself. Love in all areas of uncertainty, when it’s real, is a sanctuary. Inside the home, the door shuts, safety and feel good. Let us all remember, those in great need, the refugee, that could be us, you or me, a friend, someone you once loved, lets hope, that those most vulnerable, will be saved from those, whose effort it is, to undermine the well being of others while gaining influence over them, enslaving them. Think Love, of the Heavenly Kind, and create the space inside and keep it, amen.

Light, be light then, amen. Imagine, think, why did the early prophets pray for those gone ahead of them, think this out, amen. The living Spirit.

We are all the same?

Her first night, marriage, an arranged one, unknown, she has heard the story, the pain, men they say, are all the same. There is a drink beside the bed, to relax her she assumes. Tense, will it be bad, the fear, they are all the same, the stories they shared, she wishes they were happier ones. The door opens, she see’s a smile, he doesn’t move heavy, light on his feet, the bathroom flushes, he is now dressed in a robe. The room is beautiful, flowers on all the tables, windows that open to the sea, the noise of waves, a perfect setting, he is pleased with what he sees. His face then fixes on the bed, his beloved lying there, prepared for him. How are you my dear he says. She is slow to reply, he asks her again, more gently this time. A faint reply, he asks again, a third time.

Treasure Box

The bride is nervous, the husband is kind, there is understanding between them, and most importantly, there is no barrier between them, they are souls about to converge into one, no one of them owns the other, just as Jesus reminds us all, amen. Her fears flee, amen, they are not all the same, amen.

Selling the Soul

How many have turned away from the loving way, how many sell themselves, in order to get ahead, how many endowed with talents, have seriously abused them, what excuses can they offer,Solomon sighed, he heard the words as he passed the bench, someone was being quoted, lower body stuff, amen. Who sets such an example, how the demon smiled,while so many fell from grace, more company in the abyss, for the demon, and those who worshiped him. Many souls were asking, is this the time, they have been through so much sighed Solomon, they need respite, amen.

Toe rags, a word he heard used, to describe some, as disposable as a used condom. The memory, an old one. Those who assist, putting on the serious face, as if they were helping them, while stealing what they made, poor souls He sighed, and this example widely encouraged. Our choice they say, he could hear the voices, their choice, not those who were trafficked, and hidden.

Dear Father prayed Solomon, in these times of uncertainty, strengthen the hands of your loving servants, the demon and his acolytes are heading for the lake of fire, they have venom in them, as poisonous as snakes,trying to infect your children, remind the world Dear Father, turn these evil souls into fools, remove any threat they may appear to have. Your children struggle to hold on.

His prayers heard, Solomon smiled, that will put them in eternal chains until the judgement comes, amen. The Mighty prophet Isaiah, the Prophet to whom Jesus referred to regularly, on account of His standing and powerful words, was also being asked to rally all the other prophets, to petition, the Almighty God, amen.


The shopping experience, miles away, the comments, the heart felt prayers, as forgotten as Monday is come Tuesday. Apathy hadn’t a close relation. Vanity takes over the world. My vain opinions of myself, the effort to impress, mind blowing. A Chief of the Church, clueless, the ability to communicate, absent. This does not augur well for the future of the Spirit or those he represents. It’s simple to explain; the addicted nature. The day your born, you gather the experience the way a squirrel hoards nuts, religiously.

Addicted, how can your appearance be so important, well, more than important,all there is. If a minutia of that same effort was put into Godly affairs, to think before you shop,can’t do, have to shop. Addicts. We don’t do that drug, we have been institutionalized instead. Emotionally addicted, to those you work with. The cursing, the talk, their habits become yours. Break the chain, seems impossible, they are the people I work with. Concentration camp inmates have more freedom; at least they think for themselves.

She won’t allow herself forget; she hangs onto hurt the way others hold a baby, she refuses to let go. It’s easier to deal with oneself when you have a grief; what, if I forget it, what will I do then. The meth addict loves the high too. The mention of the drug, or the hurt, the brain opens, the voice is clear. Well, if we say nothing, we have to deal with it, addiction.

Jesus enters the courtyard; what he see’s is horror. The Holy Place is a business stall. Outraged, do they know the Father at all. Outside, a man of the church organisation, sighs, when he is gone, it’s back to business, as he tries to assuage the traders. He doesn’t want to lose the commission.

2,000 years later, mercy is sought, the signs from old, point to the eternal truth. Meanwhile, storms and sudden changes have many on edge; those remote places,no one feels safe. If only they turned to God,as the prophet Isaiah wrote, and whose he, Isaiah. Just the one Jesus referred to regularly, amen. What is eternity you ask?.