Leading me to the light

Signs, Jesus heard the apostles complain, there were others who were encouraging others to seek out the Father, teaching, but they were not of them, so they complained to Jesus, who wanting to encourage the ways to the Father, as the more that came to the Father, the better is was for all, he listens to their complaints,

“they are not like us, and etc etc…”

Jesus said to them, these words are in the holy books, so it’s not news, roughly speaking; it’s there for anyone who wants to have a better relationship with the Father, who makes it all possible, same reason, you pick up a book, you want to read what is inside, no brainer here, but to encourage the Mission, to make the world aware of the Father in Heaven, so bringing peace to the world, and a richer harvest, he tells his apostles or early followers, don’t be alarmed, if they are leading others to the ways of the father, it’s fine. Remember, that the early teachers of those times, had a monopoly on matters of faith, they made their living from it., they acquired status, they were looked up to, it was a very lucrative employment, so knowing how human nature can acquire too much ego, he warned them, to take their work seriously, All credit to the Father in Heaven, no one else, don’t try to become tyrants, or don’t mislead, amen.

Conversely, if you encourage others to turn away from the Father in Heaven, or mislead, it’s not wise, and this is said, in particular regarding children, be mindful, amen.


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