The old and the new, their times and ours, grandparents, we all have them. Do we need their help today, how would they deal with the confusion sown in these changed times, don’t you ever wonder. No money in looking back, the mortgage has to be paid, and the last time I mentioned love to a bank manager, as if it was important, they look in his eyes, why would you think like that, love, what, money is more important. The words we are forced to endure.

The epic pace of life on the planet, the old folks neatly kept in houses of their own, while many wait for their journey to end, well, we all must pass, why waste time on the past. The old sages, or prophets, were frantic in their efforts to warn their people; you can’t live like this, offending the nature of love, ignoring the One to whom all is indebted to. Grandparents, the advice they tried to pass on; you can’t be greedy, otherwise you encourage more of it.

Throughout the world, new relationships are being formed, new ways of understanding needed now, the concern, the dissolution of the Spirit within, our lifeline to eternal help. So what would your grandparents think; have we pushed it too far, have we ignored the voices of those who have been warning us of these tough times. You should have listened to your elders, those trying to put you on the right track.

Solomon had the dream years before; a mission of escape, the great calamity, and the threat to children. There were more than one way to interpret the dream. The shepherd leads the children of God from destruction. A return to spiritual thinking, rather than exploitation, which had for many,become the norm, and led to the current environmental crisis’s, amen.


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