hot summer nights….

twisting in the bed, water, heat, how can I live with this. The four seasons. There was a time, the weather beat, regular, the slow down, the thaw, the warmth, the cooling autumn, it worked. Clean water, how we took it for granted. The thoughts in the head, wondering, will this stop, chaos and change, the result of global warming and the exploitative nature of man.

The mind needs be at peace. You can’t live unless there is. In the deserts of Tigray, and countless other places hot summer nights, a daily experience. Access to water a must. Can’t sleep, alone in the heat, mind chasing away a thousand thoughts. Going through the library of experience, so this is what happened. Give me peace you ask, where, the destination, choices.

So you care, while others try to ignore the awful horror; we did this to ourselves. No extreme condition, no dictator could have done this, even if there are those who would rather target the individual rather than the cause; a habit picked up from the spin masters and those they worked for, the habits we chose to pass on. Is there an answer?

The prophets tell us, when we think we are in charge, how we forget how we got there. Eaten bread is soon forgotten. And Jesus being the bread of life, his words nourishing, his words of advice, life changing. Not enough of that influence in those places where decisions are made. The pharaoh mindset of those addicted to power and themselves. We don’t need anyone, their common response; well God does not exist to them.

Summer heat, summer hot, Jesus was able to cure the spiritual thirst.

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