Tyrants Anonymous

You can’t be serious, you actually want to send me there, don’t you have any idea who I will meet, there will even be worse than me, and you know what that means. The Judge reaches over the bench. the tyrant won’t shut up, he signals to the clerk, will you gag this man, he thinks he can act the bully all his life and get away with it. The guard nods, a jar of sealing wax in his hand.

Close your mouth Sir, the tyrant obeys, mystified by the Holy Order, he is powerless to resist the will of Heaven, his time is up.

Sounds funny, women at home, terrified, countries in slave status, networks trying to control entire worlds, white collar crime behind walls of steel, and the list goes on. Solomon wondered what Solomon would have done 3,000 years before, if he had to decide on what to do will all the tyrants of the world. So many self help groups only added to confusion, the situation getting worse, the children stressed, so many mothers calling out, what do you do he wondered. Ask wisdom he sighed, she will come up with the answer. in the workforce, schools, everywhere you looked, bullying, how do we sort this one out he sighed. You have to love wisdom, amen.

Nina Simone – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture


Billy Taylor originally composed this gospel jazz song as I Wish I Knew in 1952. He was spurred to write the tune when his daughter Kim came home from school singing a spiritual. The song served as an anthem for the Civil Rights Movement in America in the 1960s. Nina’s version was recorded in 1967 on her Silk & […]

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A warehouse full of unused munitions, no war on the Horizon, what are we going to do with all this stuff. The General looks at the huge collection of weapons, what do they cost, commissions, he had a few contacts, today he is not so sure. There are signs of Heavenly interventions; attempts to build division between nations, have all collapsed, he wonders what will be the cost; he calls himself a believer, many of his friends too.

The board meeting is about the unused resources, the stock is piling up. Any suggestions says the newest member of the board; a war would be useful states a voice, there is a chuckle in the room, a side comment is heard, not that again says the CEO, you didn’t complain when we deposited $20 million in your off shore account. Me says the voice.

If Country A falls out with Country B, then C will get involved, meanwhile we can get that movement going, which will increase tensions, and with that other nut job, it’s only a matter of time, before it all blows up, problem solved. Great Strategy Chief, all the heads nod. So we need to start a war to get the show moving; Is all in agreement then. They all nod again. Who do we have in foreign policy asks another. Another voice sounds; This is like a Grisham thriller, the CEO laughs, you think this is Grisham, dam peace maker.

Solomon wondered, didn’t they all know, that all the background thinking was food for the Spirit. So they met in secret places, so they tried to bribe all, so they owned governments, they were all on the radar, amen, at a time when the Heavenly Spirit was trawling the world. Solomon wanted to send them the Spirit, a story would do instead, you have to have priorities.


The Horse Trainer

He walks around the paddock, his head raised high, his eyes pointing, his head recalling, the posture of the filly, is she walking all right, he doesn’t want to alarm the animal, he appears not to notice, it has to be natural, throws a a sly look, was that a limp, maybe she has a back problem, watching, how we carry ourselves. Wake up Sean, you are doing it again, what he says, his attention back in the moment. What Dear he says. She has a snarl in her eye, I saw you looking at her. They are outside a restaurant. You never gave me that attention, the thought she keeps inside her. She is getting older, not that she is old. WE all love to be noticed, when we are in the prime of our lives. We all want to be noticed, we want to be of interest in the street.

She leaves her house, her trolley before her, she can’t carry weight on her shoulders, her blonde tresses are turning to grey, her walk is not as smart, age, tiredness, a lot of emotional stuff inside. She lights up when she catches the eye of a passer by, they used to gaze at her, when she was young, memories.

Solomon sighed, how we look at each other. There were many well dressed young women and men, strutting themselves. How would a horse trainer

size them up. He heard the words before, hips do this, legs do that, it wasn’t sexual as the moral brigade tried to impress on us, it was just our nature, we all watch, and wonder, life is a gift. Beepers, imagine what it’s like, you are a race horse, you know you have the ability, in the right hands, the potential will show, patience required. How talent flourishes in the right hands. Jesus only had to wish it sometimes and people recovered, sometimes it was touch. Look in the eyes, are you well, doesn’t every mother know that, and they all didn’t have PhD’s in psychology.

Those who fed fear into the world, he hoped they had celestial insurance, amen.

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“I adore Freddie Mercury and Queen had a hit called Radio Gaga. That’s why I love the name. Freddie was unique – one of the biggest personalities in the whole of pop music. He was not only a singer but also a fantastic performer, a man of the theater and someone who constantly transformed himself, […]

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Thomas Paine… for myself, from wikipedia…

Thomas Paine (1632–1715) was a colonial American privateer who, during the late 17th century, raided several Spanish settlements. He participated in a raid with Jan Willems, looting Rio de la Hacha in 1680 as well as driving the French out of Block Island. In June of the same year, Paine joined forces with Michel de Grammont and a captain named Wright at Blanquilla Island. Together with 50 men they successfully raided the town of Cumana although it was defended by 2,000 Spanish soldiers.

A resident of JamestownRhode Island, Paine had received a commission from Jamaica’s governor Sir Thomas Lynch which instructed him to “seize, kill, and destroy pirates”; however, in March 1683, he joined the privateers John MarkhamJan CorneliszoonConway Woolley and a French Captain “Bréhal” (actually a nickname of Michiel Andrieszoon) in a raid against the Spanish town of Saint AugustineFlorida. In command of an eight-gun barque, the Pearl, Paine led his crew of sixty men under the command of Captain Bréhal, who possessed a French privateering commission obtained from Jacques Nepveu, sieur de Pouanéay and governor of Saint Domingue.

As did the others, Paine sailed under a French flag as the fleet arrived off the Florida coast. However, finding the Spanish had prepared for their arrival in advance, they were forced to withdraw, eventually abandoning their raid after looting the surrounding area (although they did release several captive before their departure).

Returning with Bréhal and Markham to New Providence, they were reportedly wanted by governor Robert Lilburne, who wished to detain both Markham and Paine for violating England’s peace agreement with Spain; however he was unable to do so “for want of a force”, and they eventually left the Bahamas to join Corneliszoon and Woolley in salvaging the wrecked Spanish treasure galleon, the Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas.

Their efforts apparently met little success and he and Bréhal sailed north to resupply at Rhode Island. Although New England was traditionally friendly towards privateers, the two were arrested on orders by visiting governor Edward Cranfield who charged Paine with carrying a counterfeit commission. Paine was eventually cleared and Bréhal allowed to leave.

Paine stayed in Rhode Island and eventually went into semi-retirement, becoming involved in the cargo and resailing for local pirates including Captain William Kidd, who visited Paine in 1699.

Poor Little Kid

He is going home from school, alone, a poor little kid. They see him across the street, they cross over, on his own. She is walking home, has to wear the yellow star, she is a Jew, they have reason to hater her, no consequences, they beat her, the onlookers sigh, poor Jewish bitch, they give her an extra kick.

Consequences, we own the off shore Bank, we control the paper, no one will figure it out, besides, we can blame that idiot we gave the CEO job to, he’ll crack up, we can even arrange his suicide, no consequences.

Tom and Gerry, the cat chases the mouse, you loosing it thinks the cat, your mine, no consequences. He gets off the plane in the East, his desires, no consequences.

Solomon sighed, did they not understand, that God Most High is real. Wait till they get to the end of the line…


Sex Crimes

Every war zone, it seems everywhere, men and women, fighting over sex crimes. Weird, Jeffrey, the billionaire, spends his time, with the influential, those who made decisions affecting millions, if not billions of people. Reputed to have a little black book, mysteriously dies. How many decisions were made based on Jeffrey’s intelligence, you don’t earn billions selling sweets.

Solomon sighed, there was a greater issue, men and women would chase each other with a passion, it’s the nature within. But how many people in positions of authority, have been blackmailed, over the years. If only there was a mind set, that saw beyond the act, and tired to deal with the underlying issues. Seems no one in the world wants to point this out. Lawyers seem to be the only ones benefiting from it all, same as it ever was, the client goes to court, the lawyers claim the lions share. A child can’t play in the school yard, the insurance costs too much, lawyers again, wealth and taxes needed to pay for mental health and other social problems always in the needs more department, while the war industry is bursting with profit, lawyers of course.

Crimes against humanity, the old saying, follow the money, who does it better, than the lawyers, amen. The Spirit from God, arrives on earth, the farmer is getting ready for the harvest, preparations are on the way, rapid changes. A new mind set was required.

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Not many of us can live without having to deal with other human beings. It’s a part of life. We are confronted daily with the behavior of others. And because we are all human, sometimes it can be very challenging. What can we do when we get caught up in someone else’s drama? How can […]

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