Into my head….

Where did they come from, the aliens, he shakes his head, the thoughts that plague my mind, how do i get rid of them, a foreign entity has entered my air space, and it’s doing me in, the only respite, when i go off track, or change my mindset, then i find peace, what is happening to my airspace. Air traffic control, what is going on, the noise in the head, how do i clear the space. The controller replies, we got you, over, here is what to do. The thoughts in our head, what do we do with them.

Filling the void as Gaga sang, the amount of drama we are indulged with daily, the comments, the crisis, the flattering thoughts, it gets very buzzy in there. Who is real, is this the way I think.

The gap that has to be filled, the need for space when in the middle of a migraine, the thudding of the head, the sheer torture, it’s doing me in, stop, you just have to think, how do you provide space inside, or what sort of stuff do you want to recall later. Stories, books, the words of Jesus, think it through, the only real worry, the thought of the Eternal world. What,

In this world of daily crisis, the emotions pulled left and right, we need stabilizing thoughts, that lead us to the lightness we need to feel in the head. He loves me, she smiles, they think well of me, I’m doing something good, I am reading or listening to engaging stories, in short, I’m allowing healthy thoughts to surround me, that’s what I keep on doing, and I’m getting better everyday, as for fear of the next life, I only need to fear the Almighty, these fears we are drenched in, they are all in the head, relax.

Feeling loved, the head is on the pillow, sweet thoughts come into the zone, the weight and the dread has disappeared, it feels good to be me, amen.


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