Advice, Illness, Service, Queen Liz….

The pain is hard to set aside, the sickness invades the body daily, the mind withered, the hope for the spirit, what spirit, i’m full of pain, I worry, it’s daily, you could be talking the language of Liz while she reads the spent news of her family, that the press were only too glad to use as toilet paper across the earth, under the assumed virtue, one they themselves made up. The length of service, it wasn’t all cake, and with your privacy at a loss, every action recorded, the time for inner moments of peace, were found in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, her greatest solace, the words she read, the living words of the Living God, the peace she found in them, giving her peace, along with the outside pursuits she enjoyed, a remarkable lady, despite the politics that she was surrounded with, like a mother with many children, trying to give attention, in the face of media storms, which at some times, must have been so distressing.

Pain, is internalized, when there is no place to turn, the weight it puts on the inside, the very place you need the room, as Liz found out, the Faith that sustains the Spirit, can also heal, and so she ventured, for seventy years service, an example many women across the world, found so inspiring.

Treasure Box

So in the dark moments, when those come to visit, that look in the eye, the feeling as if you are on the way to the next destination, recall the words herein, the writer having encountered the power of the Almighty all through the life, allowing words to flow like honey poured from the jar, seriously, there is the Almighty, there is the throne, and eternity lasts forever. Jesus conquered fear of death, a fear that grips young hearts, as they see their future cut short, when they think of the lives they could live, but take hearts, set aside that feeling of wastefulness, and don’t be surprised, when you find yourself back on your feet…

Charles dear, what is this organic farming thing your talking about what is it dear…

Mother, there is water, there is nature, we need to protect it for coming generations, it’s our duty, that’s what we are hear for, custodians, and we will have to account for it so says that little bible of yours…

Liz smiles, he hasn’t given up on faith,



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