Your Father in Heaven

The signs are guides, indicators, over the centuries, they have been set out, to assist all who want to believe, to seek, you will find, faith is tested, God knows us inside and out, tries to help us, correct ourselves, wants us to make the grade, the steps to Heaven, learn the ways of the Holy Spirit, they are not hard to find, apply them in time, you can’t do it all at once, patience, has a mother ever rushed a birth, who provides a safe space in the womb, who gives sight, who provides the light, why does Jesus tell us, not to fear, but to Fear only God, the father in Heaven, the one who has the final say, don’t be alarmed, it’s not impossible to turn towards God, think of Saint Paul, think of the miracles that are happening, stay the course, your helper, the Holy Spirit, has arrived. Jesus spoke such words, the helper will arrive, the helper has arrived, and angelic beings are making it known, so how can we help ease our troubles, help inside the heart, find freedom,. find internal piece.

Treasure Box

Solomon sighed, the rule of God, Love God with all your heart, all your mind, and put God first in your life. This focus, and the Holy Name, will give you great comfort, for those passing on in faith, the ease of the transition, the new life, how to make it happen; one step at a time, the Great God is merciful, sends the help, signs, sometimes to awaken us, knows the plans of those who try to usurp the holy Spirit, those that try to confuse, the Mighty God of Abraham and all the Holy Prophets, is testimony, place all you trust in God, allow your heart to fill with life giving thoughts, move to a new world inside yourself; and if you find it difficult, it’s meant to be, since the Most High God, tests, every spirit, amen.

Remember, the space inside, is it ready for the Most High God, amen, is it filled with loving Spirit, this is the very basic, build it up, strengthen the walls of the heart, be on guard, the enemy is weak in terms of God’s Eternal Power, Heaven is the safe heart, wherein lies the Spirit from above, keep it clean, no hate filled thoughts, amen.



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