Sully’s Dream

Sullenberger here, we got a problem, the air traffic replies, roger that, how do you get out of this mess Sully thinks. No engines and no airport in sight, concrete below, and only water, a trickle. Sully has faith, he has been training all his life, now the moment comes. He thinks of all the lessons in life, the answer is there, dig. What did so an so do, what did that book say, the parts begin to join up, he can see a happy solution, just needs a few extra seconds. Yesterday and it’s worries, what is there to worry about, tomorrow, won’t it be fine.

The terrified souls, the plane going down, no safe place to land, the options, where do we turn to, Sully eyes the water, how he had the calm, a job is a job, and God’s job, well, he worked out okay. Prayers said, please bring us home safe, please the sigh, the event turns out fine, amen.

Solomon sighed; there were souls under pressure, the life too much, the flow nearly extinct, where do you go for relief; The words of Jesus were on Sully’s mind when he was at the controls, not fancy talk, but the walk of one who tries to believe, boring it might sound, but when your life is in trouble, to whom do you run for safety, why the words of eternal life, the holy name of Jesus. In times such as these, chaos and hopelessness abound, the tricks of demons on the divine thread, the souls feeling relief, no taking for granted, there will be plenty to count, when the harvest comes in, amen. With signs from above matched to events here and now, it’s time to reflect, the words of the prophets on many minds, words that can’t be judged, instructions to a better life. How do you ease the mind, how do you ease the flow, how do you calm a storm, Solomon smiled, he’d seen a lot of that stuff before, amen.

So he prayed; Protect your children dear Father, amen.


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