Thought Police

The duality, the inner you, there are those who know the secrets of invasive thought. A million thoughts cross the life of everyone, almost daily. What are these thoughts made up of, do you feel manipulated, made to fear, how those emotions trigger reactions. The thought police, how they plant evidence, the ideas, The reality of confusion; the deluge of news, little wonder the world is in such a state of flux, while those of God, appear to be calm. a phony war of division; why not, those who worship the material, are not pleased by the heavenly signs, amen.


The Believers

If there is a sense of insecurity about,worry not, this is normal when change is about, and that anxious feeling, is a combination of emotions. Many have been waiting for the change to come, and your Holy Father, to ease these anxieties, sends the signs, to put the heart at rest, your anxiety, is the same anxiety a child feels when it’s christmas eve, it’s nerves, what good things are coming my way, this is it, presents and rewards. However, don’t allow the negative fears others try to plant into your mind, with all the down talk,who are right to be afraid, well, those signs, what do they mean, anxiety, have you stored up barns of good works that describe your journey, amen, given the eternal life that awaits, amen.

as for those who harm the flow of the Spirit, let them count the harm they have accumulated, those who have no time for the ways of God Most High, might just want to make the effort, amen.

The Actors

The court of the Almighty God, the actors are led in, all in chains, their fate decided,the God of Mercy, wants to hear from their lips, their excuses, it’s looking like a long afternoon. You imitated the Spirit, you misled my people, you intentionally led them to harm, you even tried to steal their souls, so what have you to say for yourself, muted silence, eyes dart left and right, no words can defend their actions. …

Solomon sighed, the year 2021, the year 2022, it could have been 2,000 years ago, when does not matter, the consequences are the same. Little wonder, the prophets were sent to each generation, amen. When the curtain comes down, what will be your tale, amen. Are all the signs just accidental?….

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