Praying and Us

Its a big question, how to pray, or more importantly,being able to look someone in the face, and feel honest about what your going to say. Why,the need for honesty, before you ask, or why the difficulty of not knowing, when your unsure of yourself before you ask. I’m worried you think to yourself, or you are worried for someone else, what is your worry about, them, or your inability to help, so you ask another to help you out, a prayer in deed, you are hoping someone will respond. So you send out your request, sometimes the request gets lost in the ether, the energy around you might be heavy,there is a sense of lifelessness, you need hope to begin with, a level of expectancy, that’s the testimony in the old books, you need reminders of the type of surroundings you need, Jesus reminds us, so after all that, what is the point?

Preparation makes it better every time, you are inviting a friend to listen to your thoughts, you need to dwell, is it peace of mind you seek, there is comfort to be found, when you pour out your thoughts in prayer, sharing to begin with,acknowledgement that you are not alone, help when you need it, and lessons learned on how to keep it, the connection, once you find it. Heavenly help will not burden you, will not tie you to a cult or religion, it will guide you to solutions, which is the choices you make thereafter.

Finally, you have to imagine, that you are a simple vessel, a holder of Holy Spirit, yes, you, the space inside can hold loving spirit of the real kind, not the bought version we get used to,but the real Spirit, and once you have that little bit inside you, the space you create for goodness inside you, allows your Spirit to connect with similar Spirit, life giving, kind, all the gifts of the higher spirit are life giving,enhancing, the obvious traits you might say of those that want to connect with the higher eternal Spirit,amen.

To conclude, its hard to pray if your heart is full of hatred or hateful, can you seriously imagine anyone wanting to listen to such a heart, no hatred, a prayer to God is a request for Love, so how can you receive love back, if you are hateful, where will it reside inside you,you have to have the space,thus the need for a clean conscience or an honest one. And as any child would feel, well imagine so, if you approach God with a light heart, meaning, a heart with some good in it, you will make your request with more truth and passion, and if you include your neighbors as they are defined these days, think of the bonus factor alone, an enhanced prayer say; in nutshell, when the child comes in the door after school with a good report from the teacher, the boy or girl has no problem asking for a treat, in their hearts they have earned it, that simplicity works, amen.

The lighter the Heart the higher the call.

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