Mr President

Only children are surprised, no need to be alarmed, growing them up quicker than ever before,  farmed children like good old factory reared chicken, Bill O’Reilly throws up over his coffee outrageous, soon there will be none of them, children, what are you waiting for, go for it dudes look all the innocent fools, take advantage of them younger they’ll never know, and when you get older you’ll all be pals, cause that’s all they will ever know, sounds familiar with the world we all share today, no no  I hear ye shout out what disregard for all that charity work, I’ve a reputation you know, know what it costs to run five houses today, choking sound as little boy no food can’t use teeth, tried to eat the furniture thought it was a lump of meat, rap rap rap man did see what they did to us man were just getting them back, surrounded by knicker wearing white chicks gloats for all the world so see, look at me I’m a black guy and I’ve made, not only that I’m doing it with your chicks, outrage screams obama they can’t hold men who are innocent, he thinks this while he sleeps, wakes in the morning eats breakfast as normal, what’s in today’s paper dear as michelle passes the cheese, same us usual a meeting with congress now that ain’t useful,

Are you now supposed to run that stuff the man I married said he would, that was before they elected me dear, like those promises you made me and the kids, sending me to Ireland while you play Golf and party, it’s custom in Ireland to have fun and enjoyment.

Talk of trade its business the same tactics of the mafia, what they never told you until they couldn’t let you go, meanwhile young Johnny and friends are surfing porn and behaving in a strange kind of way, is that your little sister asks one while they call her away, she giggles laughs loves that play stuff, a little dirty when she comes in mammy asks her what’s she being up to, she gurgles something stupid it all seems confusing, this is a pattern and it’s going on everywhere night and day, authorities every where blind to the truth like they are heading for hell, afraid to speak up say it as it is, were all in the boat together they wont send the good guys as well, hope in numbers I suppose but that’s pushing the boat out too far, no everyone drowned on the Titanic, there were survivors who had a story to tell, like that old western movie you see all the time, bartender or the butler is usually the last man standing, so where do you stand a customer a user or a child, who do you think you actually are…false prophets out there promising wealth and everything material things, think your heading to disaster cause you’ve been warned,  well, building castle and walls around your small flock ,that’s the story of the white house and all those who want to get it, we wont get donors if it don’t seem like love

Mr President, big smile that’s why I bring along michelle, Look Michelle I know the kids will love traipsing around Dublin, who in their right mind would want to spend the day drinking cool beer, walking the beach and driving with boys, only a child, that’s right, only a child, everyone else prefers to be making money…

stanley kubrick

Void in the heart, a hole in your finances, a marriage break up, so what are your chances, of finding true love again, when women are itemized, children are sexualized, and your measured by the material, not the character within. Up and down sweet breasts sex appeal ooze, youth filled with images of desire, I guess it’s the same for most of us, how can true love find root, if all I do is measure you, ask you to get a plastic surgery procedure, cause all I’m being sold is doubt. Doubt raises fear forces emotions, join this group or face isolation, children are now targets of such extremes, it’s not religious difference, it’s only business and it deceives. Circles of trust breached and misused, the Judas within us and that false pride, my appearance matters most the mirror says, my friends desert me when my thoughts stray, can’t be losers they might need help, they form charities to calm themselves, picture in the paper take a bow, it changes nothing system of evil grows. And you think I write to amuse myself, well if you saw the cloud, you’d get down on your knees and ask for help, and forgiveness for allowing the destruction of love on earth. Watch the numbers appear and appear, cause something very original and divine, is happening and it’s going to happen everywhere, bar a few places where love is still the basis of most relationships, not that property and image is ever more important, to any one of us, choke over your cornflakes and chuckle. It’s my job to look this way, it’s my what Asks God Most High, to whom you all pray, big surprise on the radar, hope the bunker is water tight, anyone with a sense of humor out there. I just don’t like the way they started to sexualize the young children, it began with the elite, they could afford to hide it, passed on to the wealthy, old habits began to be shared, like very young children, then porn became mainstream as women were contained, till it spread to the internet and every user therein, you didn’t look, call your psychiatrist you’re in denial, but now we have very young teens looking around, and the next step is the one that has broken the camels back, the very little children are becoming the victims of the children we tried to protect, and that’s when love ends, and we are not too far away from wasn’t my problem either,..well open your eyes as they say. Or like Stanley Kubrick tried to explain before me died suddenly, we all have our eyes wide shut…

petition to God Most High

World of institutions, many political minded, self promotion and control guided, the truth  a stranger, cover up the principal, habits passed to children,  titans flourish with the treachery they achieve, voids in the hearts of everyone, true love as rare as bees, welcome to the world dear friends, coffee this morning tastes better, than it has done for years. Over the decades people tried, made known the abuses, many of them their reputations destroyed, stopped to discourage the wave of truth, knowing the danger many walked on, afraid to intervene, but the stream was strong the brave worked on, taking the lives of great souls, martin luther king just one of their kind, the example to accompany them.

Under fire the universal church kept hoping, in their ranks many Judas types within, joined the ranks of the evil heathen, damaging all this time, appeasing powerful regimes

Even supporting them, opposite to the works and teachings of the prophets, doing their best to create hatred between men. Faith under such pressure waned, trust in hope and true love dived, cover ups exposed many years later, too late to amend what was going on, as those with the power built higher walls, their secret societies killing truth with a whim, only business I heard them say, they also killed love on sight, that is what the truth is, curtailed the careers of the brave, this is the story of the world, as far as I know, and it’s the legacy passed to children worldwide, fear. I’ve seen the cloud many divine events, came face to face with existence of God, asked my conscience what was going on, found the answers and wisdom too, saw the difficulties faced when disasters occurred, many of them man made to create the emotional flood, caught the attention of the divine listeners as well, and this was repeated time and time again, in order to get the righteous prayer, and access to the immortal and merciful God, who wondered at it all, unable to understand the evil going on, as more and more souls lost faith, it must have seemed like a job done, in the boardrooms of the secret corporations, that only praised the money idols and hated love. God Most High who listens to the petitions made in the name of the son, listen again to the tyrants who created the mess we are all living in, is it not time to act, if only for the sake of children growing up ,if only for the seeds of love to take a hold , you have the power to do all that, so turn them into babbling fools like before, pour out your wisdom from the divine store, set fear into the hearts of the evil doers, you mighty signs keep them aware, of the judgment the pain and the suffering that awaits them, perhaps this tactic will force them to change course, redeem the world with love, the whole and only reason for life on earth, creating  love by birth deed example and sacrifice, how else can we pass on good and great example to all young, they emulate the habits of those around them. children suffer from the example around them, children with no dream or father figure,  impossible almost to rear a child safely in a world like that, neither can mothers the world over, succeed safely in the role they are charged with.

The evil doers and titans, must to taken out of circulation, take us from the brink, the world is getting nearer day the day,  going over that proverbial cliff is the work of the evil doers, it’s your call God Most High, throw your protective shield around every good man woman and child, keep them from the clutches of those who destroy, show the world one great example of your might and power, in the hope that they may fear you, then decide to work harder at making it an earth that is safe to inhabit. the whistle blowers struggle, isn’t it time to take it serious, before things get worse the world over, as the prophets and Jesus said all those years ago, petitions made in his name, are heard in the heavens above where it matters, how can you the greatest father, allow this world go from disaster to disaster, while looking on from a distance, Celestine told us it was time to speak out, the souls of the cathars believed in your order, so if you expect those who try to glorify your name on earth to succeed, it’s time to get involved Dear God, and do something fast like change the world order, amen.

empty minds

they used to fill us with propaganda, it’s a boy, we’ll turn him into a marine, till they got to know you better and turned you into a fool, what a wonderful world, i wonder if we can buy some of that, propaganda, sounds great stuff. they might have it on special offer in Walmart, the white house has loads of it, congress lives on the stuff, the arms industry, they are really healthy, they use loads too, daddy, daddy, can i have some propaganda, i just seen it on the TV. growing stupid in the modern world was never so easy.



Your internet search’s, phone calls to all and sundry, bank account and credit card details, all being spied on, and you’re a turkey, looking on helplessly,  Christmas is advancing fast,  it’s all totally legal, not that you have a say, welcome to the modern world, of surveillance and crime.  had direct contact with these types, the zealot world they live in, I’m certain the whistle blowing, is going to get louder and louder, amen. Excuses they use to justify anything, some call it being patriotic, tell that to victims of abuse, the countless number of children, sacrificed as evidenced, in the number of care homes, where the perverted were comforted, because of the positions they held, with the consent of the security services, orphans abandoned and leftovers, who’ll notice them anyway, the country is secure you understand, it’s in the interests of the country, same excuse used to destroy Iraq  and other places as well, did edward snowden do quite well, he woke us up from a slumber that was leading us over the cliff.

Che, Bradley, Edward Snowden and Jesus

Whatever you think, call him communist, call him revolutionary, call him traitor, the one who tried to change it all, and his life ended prematurely, on account of the C.I.A., government and human corruption, now the world has to bear it, account for what  happens, and many like them, from Jesus, to joan of arc, to the Muslim nations demonized, the 222 cathars butchered, the death of martin luther king, and so many others. And you wonder why the world is in such a chaotic mess.  treatment dished out to Muhammad Ali, the attempts to destroy Cuba, the mocking of Cat Stevens, the list is long if I was to go on, it’s time we tried to address it, Edward snowden will suffer for it, the stuff that we pretend never happened. What made Che think the way he did, why he bothered you ask, did he work on a leper colony for fun, did he see too much suffering, abuse of  women and children, theft of local resources across the Americas, while the righteous citizens with out standing reputations did naught, includes the catholic church in those parts. A medical career his original plan, a journey changed all of that. Edward Snowden had a change of plan too, on account of what happened before him, he kept all plans tight, Che was outspoken, took sides early never imagined he’d be betrayed, there is a judas everywhere I warn you, even the apostles had enemies within, it’s why we need to open up, tell a few truths before it’s too late, it’s too easy to blame one man, when you know it’s the world that has failed, not the truthful and honest man. And you rear children to be honest and truthful, are they supposed to be safe in this current environment, I don’t think so.

How many times do you need to hear, the words child protection policy, before you realize this is a pandemic, everywhere perhaps you prefer being stupid. I don’t have that luxury, I’ve seen the changes, the clouds, broke a world that was kept to the few, broke the mind control methods they use against you, and reported them in detail to God, who wont be swayed so easily again, not by emotion by deed only, As I said to friends who escaped emergencies, you want to stay around or stay sound, better come up with a plan that is good for everyone, not just you. Edward Snowden had a plan to let us know what really was going on, Che Guevara had a plan to change what was going on, Jesus had a plan to let us know there was a plan, and all that loved honestly were part of it.

number two two



The dog is busy, spends his day digging holes, bees are missing wonder where they go, children over react all the time, parents kept on their toes, politicians everywhere make promises, they keep doing it, why I just don’t know. Four times last week, the manual said six, I’ll sue the doctor for giving me those pills,  better not I’ll have no fix. Damascus child wonders all the time, watches CNN and other news lines, worries all the time, seems to bother no one,  prays to God, doesn’t seem to respond. Young mother father out of sight, can’t afford childcare, can’t afford to work, angry conservatives look down on her, should have used the pill, can’t understand her. Christian churches spew hatred at the clinic door, another child aborted I hear them roar, they pray to God, seeking all sorts of vengeance, God shakes his head, have they no common sense. Third of children live in poverty, this lot shout a lot, they take ages to figure it out. Causes crisis charity announces, dire situation even the pope pronounces, news abounds show images everywhere, titans own the media, thought they’d do something about it, never. The race goes on, another day another crisis begins, Syrian week what next, a titanic size earthquake, can’t expect to succeed like this. where asks God, will the telling voice emerge, I’ve waited and been patient, encountered the totally absurd, all I get is repeated chants, drive the strongest out of their mind. they keep the women, in many cases totally uneducated, they think such behavior is allowed. Days pass into weeks, the weeks became years, centuries later a new millennium later, he’s still listening to this, it’s driving him totally absurd. Makes getting wrecked a little cracked up high on heroin, all a little worthwhile, makes you forget for sure the prancing of so many fools, many women interested in their bleached white teeth, those how do you do smiles. Shut out the truth, I don’t want to hear, it’s the wail of so many, in finance in particular, sponsors of war the money and arms, they have no thought of the horror or the scars, their callous cold hearted behavior everywhere. Eureka smiles God, a voice I haven’t heard, calm loving thoughtful and kind, must be a child I’m listening to he smiles. Sends angels in to investigate the surprise, one of our own the angels reply. did this happen, thought it was someone new, how did such a mistake occur, it’s the corner stone again, the one they dumped out of view. Angry happy God demands an enquiry, calls in those responsible to find out why. Trembling their eyes covered up, one of you turned this heart down, no excuses but the truth I from you he smiles. Silence no voice can explain it clearly, so who is the Judas among you. With a finger he dismisses, retires to his personal chambers, no wonder the chaos that has grown for ages, when the truth has been hidden by some of your own. The era of the sycophant, the emperors clothes syndrome, the rotten core of leadership everywhere, it’s a wonder the world hasn’t exploded. Start all over again, we’ll have to start all over again, but this time there will be two in charge, 2 2, these sole male dominated structures, just don’t work no more, amen.

responsibility and propaganda

An arranger of words, assembled to affect, the mind of the reader, it’s why propaganda is such a dangerous tool, and when governments resort to such tactics, they are in affect, mimicking the creativity of Adolf Hitler and those similar to him throughout the world.

These same tactics, are now used daily in conflict zones the world over. Surely, media bodies, who themselves profited so widely from the encouragement of such tactics for the last hundred years, have to answer for the wider harm, their short term thinking has caused, throughout the world. When it comes to accountability, there will be one day, when all those who crossed the line, as Johnny Cash would say, will be called in to explain, why. From example we learn, from example we profit, because of example, we are responsible.