Rays of Light


Rays of light, keep them coming, I’m singing in heaven, I’m in heaven, playing golf with champions, but I’m winning, can’t find the soap, where is it, what now asks God most high, who doesn’t like wash time interruptions, a crisis where he asks, then keeps on scrubbing. List is long, volcanic ash rare enough, volcanoes, too much of a clean up, good old thunderstorm will suffice, calls in the weather angel and asks his advice. Last time, getting impatient, a torrential rain shower, but they soon stopped misbehaving, is that what you want. God wonders, I really have to act, looks at the wall sees the great list, at the bottom is written, they are allowed to behave as they wish. A storm it’s all I’m allowed, till we get a new batch of angels, what else is there to do. Told you didn’t I so pay me, smiles the fallen angel in the devils den, who hands him the reigns of Europe, for a limited time to dwell. Lightening rain fire and hail, all the devils men have been given

Advance warning,  lasts a weekend the clean up lasts a month. It happens more often now, these interruptions are getting too regular, I’ll track them more closely, get stuck in myself get involved. Insurance claims department good place to look, God gets a job working late night shift, doing all that janitor stuff, has time to look through the files. Odd, very odd indeed, someone has been misbehaving, these claims, they were all increased recently. Profits slow we need more, a petrol shortage would be one shortage we could all agree, but that would require a war adds another, who can order that not you and me. Mr President. Time tinkers on women on the rise, the change will be quicker, cause their love is hard to hide, old boys club gets the blues, ain’t the same around here not like it used to be, no women to order about it can’t be right, God Most High is looking on, content for the moment cause the noises aren’t all bad, a few good news stories, it’s getting to them at last, more it happens the more they get used to it, he’s using the tactics of the evil one in reverse. Damn did not see it coming, another voice they thought had been silenced, too much media around darn internet, it’s like one giant spider, feck even the governments are turning against us, no place to hide all that hot money it will soon be totally useless, alien class are rolling down the sluices. Dum dum dum dum,  de dum dum, dum dum dum, St.Peter hums, the elders haven’t been so smiley for the longest time, it’s that little boy they are all talking about, all he ever does is smile, every time they try to reel him in, the Big one sends them a thunder shaker, and unlike Obama he’s accurate with his selections, they wonder if a peace effort will get them any further, God Most High just shakes his head and smiles, I’m on to you all, each and every one who does harms to the little ones, and the minds of the men and women as well, I fear hate hunger pride envy loss whatever, harm to a child’s mother a brother a teacher even their remotest relation, it’s gonna be open season on evil hunting, and no thought fired will go astray, oops that lightening strike just missed the gable end this time, the gathered inside shake with fear it used to be the other way round, share share they all cry out, quickly before he gets in a rage, and suddenly out of nowhere there is luck everywhere, and no one is surprised, cause they chose to believe and he delivers for those, whose faith never wavered even if it waned under pressure it never died, just a spark was needed to re ignite the light, just as Leonard predicted all those years he tried, to enthuse wisdom in people, well it worked and to him and many others, we owe thanks not just a smile, dum dum dum, de dum dum dum, sing along if you want, cause it’s the end of payola days, good riddance to those who tried to control the music and the minds, cause the music never died. God Most High smiles, fried onions on the pan, a T Bone steak on the grill, George Harrison is washing the dishes, elvis is singing hymns again, Roy Orbison is in the dining room, anything you want shouts God Most High, you got it laughs roy back, and they say that heaven is a sleepy place, whatever they reads in the papers these days, gets on my nerves sometimes, God Most High turns the onions, a little pepper he muses, used too much salt last time, de dum dum dum, hums St.Joseph, any chance of a second helping he enquires, and a side order of sweet love if you don’t mind, now isn’t that a destiny wordy waiting for, you just have to work to get inside. Their calling for more water down below quips St.Peter, that shower answers God Most High, thinks a moment, even sinners have to be forgiven, open the floodgates, it’ll keep them quite for awhile. De dum dum dum, de dum dum dum de, no one makes a fool out of you or out of me, Ray what are you doing over their, get back to that gilded piano, I need to hear Georgia on my mind, play again like you did before, for you boss anything smiles Ray in reply, Georgia oh Georgia, Ray of Light catches every ones attention same way a little one smiles…


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