it’s up to you

Joy and light a soothing arm a warm embrace and a smile that lasts for ever, simple to have not hard to undertake once love resides in your face, eyes don’t lie they radiate or they die, and hearts quicken at the approach of nurture, see it in the reflections of children and in those that foster love, fear cramps all styles makes you nauseous for awhile, same with hatred and feelings of great despair, why allow your children to live with such fear, it’s too easy to settle so easy to give it up, the hope of true love that beats in your heart, isn’t sad that as people grow old ,they bring up the past more and more, shrinking inside I suppose because of past decisions and doubt, they feared to love and how it all worked out, but not the ones who carry the nurturing seed, it’s a bit like a warm wind there are no boundaries or fears, but don’t be hard on yourself about anything you may have done, what hasn’t gone wrong will do so again, so we learn to listen not race all around, a beating heart needs nurture not frown, as surely as the sun doesn’t have a shield to guide it, it’s just that love attracts love you just have to find it, it’s just a wake up smile an appreciation of the gift, the first time baby smiles and the way that it lifts, wouldn’t it be nice if we treated all children with light, not this hard hand of experience and our own self doubts, so don’t despair it may take a little time, but God is above us reeling in delight, we just have to remember it and have no doubt, cause I’ve seen it lived it and believe its about, and who is more forgiving ask anyone, your mother, so shout it out and stop giving out, the time is now it’s all we have and it’s all we’ll ever have, tomorrow is just our imagination in overdrive, goodnight.


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