Our Struggles

One, our world One, the options, to care for it, the reasons, it’s written about, it’s Jesus, it’s the divine truth, amen. The troubles you endure in the name of Faith, the welcome, after the journey, the joy, it’s not been easy, many live with great difficulty, but don’t be fearful, the proof of the Almighty, is written in lives every single day.

Lost Heart, the fear that many have trouble dealing with, whom to fear should be the issue, Jesus says it very clearly, trust in the Heavenly Father, help is at hand. The memory of sheer terror, in the heart of a little one, it blanks out so much, the heart by passed, the willingness to reach out, restricted, as if out of breath.

How do you live they say, does not the Redeemer answer, the God of Abraham, the prophets, come to the rescue of His children then, the taunts, why look at them, don’t respond to fear, think of Jesus, David, Goliath, there is a world that has peace in it’s heart, it belongs to those of God Almighty, so relax, learn the ways to the truth.

The trouble in the world, alarm to some, anxiety, opportunity to others, when you know it’s written, times such as these, don’t fret or worry, this is just as the prophets wrote about, and if the signs remind you of other times, think of the world ahead, and the great reward waiting for you, amen.

The child is at the machine, the nature of our addiction, how imitation works, so practice the habits that bring life, and pray more often, you will soon feel the positive affects, amen. And when in trouble, or feeling harming or in doubt, call out to the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, it will summon the help, amen. Jesus complained many years ago, the need for the Spirit, in short, the meaning of Faith, how it connects to the light, amen, and brings healing, and say thanks more often.

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