Imagine it’s judgement day..and you have to share your dirty laundry…all of it…and the good stuff too?

So few people living, so few, ever make calculations for the world to come, when righteousness is the norm, and all that dark stuff simply goes away, well, who thinks about the pension in their twenties, usually the very cautious. The bell rings, even the angels will shudder, they too, have to come before the eternal judge, and if this is horseshit, i refer you to the old books.

How big will the laundry pile be, is directly related to you, it’s called the individual battle within, and the ancient prophets refer to this, as do all those enlightened. Those that tell you it’s just another bus ride were not reading the map the right way up, seeing as they can’t make sense of anything, well, awareness of God is awareness of Judgement. Good friends try to remind us of this certainty, there are no hiding places, that’s all folly, unless you are lucky enough to have brought straight to Heaven without having to be tested.

Recall what you are now seeing happening all across the world. Many will and have been totally fooled by a shiny faced liar who is trying to get himself recognized as God, this is happening to reduce the potency of Spirit existing, the spirit, the real one, has a different feel to the lower spirit, it’s encouraging.

More importantly, can you mitigate for the times you were less than good, turning the eye away from need, closing the heart to others, trying to fool yourself, as if to say, there is no God, well, recall the ancient books, there is testimony out there for those interested in looking, well, God loves the triers, the real ones. It will happen sudden, only God knows, but in the times of floods, they partied to the very last day, so if its written, there will be signs, about which you might have noticed a few changes these last seven years, and many people living are wondering what life will be like, after this latest plague, on that point,a plague has many forms, it could be a cycle of greed that never ends, the proliferation of time given to the movement between the legs, while there are so many calling for much needed help, food etc, well, the wise option, tend to the injured before you tend to your own needs sounds right advice, we are not meant to be funless.

So your conscience is like that of a very corrupt leader, politician, signs tell you, your affairs need sorting, we have to get organised, should have stood for something, well, while the rules might save you from your earthly employer etc, but that’s all, and when you leave that priceless job of yours, rest assured, your colleagues won’t be let down, you’ll have been replaced long before they give you the clock or some other trophy for all you gave, as Jesus told all those fortunate to be around him, even the heathen look after their own, so no marks for that, we all breath air as they say.

If this little piece of blog is rambling, its done this way, so as not to burden you, as many hard hearted zealots would willing do, while seeking a mention in your very own will, it happens, the patient suddenly gets the burst of enlightenment near the end, and rash appropriation of assets in times of chronic unease, are very well known about, so rather than be taken unnoticed, as all those ambitious folks say, preparation matters, the very way to success, so they all say, so this is not just my advice, amen.

In a nutshell, this applies to joe blogs as much as anyone else, rich don’t matter, no lawyer can do the stand in on this one, no, these are steps you have to make all alone. Now the point of these words; things are happening, in Space, that scientists can’t explain, and in reality, they are clueless on this. Just in case, those moments when you don’t have your seat belt on, the car seems to give reasons for anxiety, golly, must keep it on, just as Jesus reminds us, be on guard at all times, simply, treat people very well indeed,amen.

And… time, if we are all still here, amen! Where are the lights, gee, that tinned food, is it out of date, how did we end up here, did anyone bring chocolate, at a time like this?

AT The Brink….

It’s fair to say, many of us are at the brink, choices ahead of us, a new opportunity if your optimistic, but has there ever been a time such as this, colossal the change, uncertain the future, no matter what blurb you are sold; human nature tells us, we run from what we fear being tarnished with, we create rules in order to reign ourselves in, and rules we enforce, with penalties too, even if there are those who wrangle their way around it.

Confused sexually, men trying to sound correct, the media presenting the choices, to be odd as they called it years ago,was no longer the case, as more and more individuals had lost or felt they lost, their own sexual identity. Boys treated royally by parents who favor them over girls in some places, a heavy burden for the girl, your existence predetermined for you.

Am I male or female, why do so many chase the very young, why do we do what we do, why does one part of society feel as if it’s unaffected by the laws, why do so many strain to find clean anything, why is it so, while so many claim, to be believers, can it be so.

Solomon encounters a highly strung woman who has one idea; change him, the man, Solomon, into someone like her, godless, someone with faith in the material, nothing more. Under the banner of help, how often do the perverted do the very same, using assistance as a way of getting involved, the woman puts a perceived great principle first, integrity, as Jesus tells us, gifts from the Real Spirit, are accompanied by certain characteristics, control is not one of them. Those whose aim is control, are not divinely inspired,amen.

The ears, the legs, the eyebrows, the hair, the knees, all areas of excitement, whatever your taste, man woman, woman woman, man woman man, the larger the better,the range of ideas that fill the head, while the zealot pretends to dislike all contact, well, the very mention of purity, it could be alcoholic spirit, it could be clean water. Meanwhile an army of righteous commentators are waiting to jump on whatever crisis arrives,hopefully one that fits their school of expertise, their voices so valuable considering the descent of Airplane Earth, at this near the brink moment.

Meanwhile, there will be the same as before types doing the same, success their only guide and whatever it takes as the saying goes, just in time to take advantage of the dire situations arriving, they having read those books about opportunities during times of despair, their plans laid out, while different parts of various economies suffer, its sweet to know, that as Jesus warned us, the vultures never disappear.

So on the brink, what sort of individual should you appear to be. Imagine the ship, staved in the ice, a rescue not possible unless you have the luck of a captain smith, is it too late then, or what about the new industry called data mining, a fancy term for using your interests to fish for your cash or your ideas, or was data mining a further warning point in the entire human journey; perhaps there are those who can steal from the mind, cults do it all the time,while those under the tuition of demons, Jesus tells us to be careful, demons exist, unless of course you don’t believe Jesus, but does data mining point to the fact, that all this data mining is bringing about our total destruction unless we have a major change, of course.

She loved him, gave into all his fantasies, he has a very professional job, the high IQ leads to a rather perverse brain when it comes to privacy, especially if you can’t socialize, where do all those go, the volcano has to burst somewhere. We are at the brink of change, some might imagine we are in it now, so what sort of person should we be, are we given clear instructions, written ones, yes in fact, from the long past, we are given warning, as to the signs, the conditions prevailing, what to expect, but we are also told, that God will come to the rescue of His People, hold firm, there is no point joining in with schemers now, those of the demons know their prospects, the more of you among their number, the safer they will feel, as we get closer, to the brink.

The children showed signs of anxiety, was it exacerbated by the actions of those around them, what would the reputation mean later, all the big talk of his would mean nothing unless he got rid of her, he makes a plan, with another weird friend, if she is under great stress, it will even be easier,she will do it to herself. an unbelievable bonus, she seeks comfort from others, he thanks his luck, he will store the details to convince her family and friends, isolate her, well, in Opus and church circles, he is a cunning thinker, and since he is well got in ecclesiastical circles, everyone will believe him, perhaps.

Apart from all these moments, too much truth in them and warnings if you look deep enough, you have to get over those times, when you only wanted the juicy titbits, we are far beyond the sound byte generation, over explanation is now taking over, did they use Swiss water or french water in the production of the vaccine, does it matter, does it work should be all that matters, amen.

So, on the brink of change, what sort of future do you envisage?, as Jesus told everyone, it’s in our hands, how we care for the world and it’s constituent parts, our free will.

Sounds too far fetched, well, place yourself in south america during the sixties and afterwards, how many social democracies were spoiled because of interference from afar, by those who only understood wealth creation and nothing else,yes it’s a toll when you have to deal with reality,and it’s heavy on the shoulders too for many, but as all those so called experts state with professional clarity,the truth sets you free, well, that’s only for the ordinary people, keep on scheming.

Does anyone have an idea what will happen when we go over the abyss, or have we gone over already, and hanging on with our finger tips?

Comedy moment, Jesus and his pals watch them gather at the highest point, is that what it seems….

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Need to find love, head the internet way. Credit card, the product is a bargain, you are ready to press the purchase button, the first numbers of the card are entered; Stop and think, it’s safer to use a payment system than give them your personal card details.

She opens up online,what’s the harm, she has a cat. he does too, she drives an old vintage car, so does he, she laughs when he tells her the story of the time his car broke down and he had to wait overnight, wow,serendipity, It happened to her too. We have connected she sighs.

Got her credit card name, her address,all we need is her number, we ca use her ID, how many cats does she have, four his accomplices say.One by one they extract the information, the more emotional the victim the easier the take, amen

Jesus called them Mobs!

So many demons, He said, before the demon spirits were sent into a herd of pigs, who then rushed to the cliff and went over, their end. So many were their number, Jesus used words carefully, aware of the sensitive nature of the human, stories rather than rules, no one to fear apart from the Father in Heaven, AND when the Spirit comes to you, it will come with real power, that cannot be overcome, despite the efforts of others to claim otherwise. Mobs, why use that particular word,seeing as even today, the word means destruction hatred and chaos.

The cult has an issue, it’s your job to fix it, so the cult members are lead to believe,while the cult leaders swan around the universe,searching for opportunities to grow the cult, thereby gaining influence. The young man takes his automatic rifle to the store, promptly murders some unlucky visitors to the store. Afterwards, he was a member of a cult. Cult has another problem, voice in the crowd shouts up, we have to defend ourselves, the fat cheer, the gun hungry have another opportunity, another issue, a different cult, you have to do something, you are a member of the cult. Spiritual leader who believes in Jesus, well its in the book, advocates taking action against another opinion, even when Jesus advocated peace as the way forward,can you have it both ways.

World comes to the verge, the abyss is deep, plenty of space down there, the world stops; if we continue as we did we are going over the cliff, the world listens to a few calming voices, calm issues, less of the rhetoric of hate, as all sides weigh up the damage they have caused, and consider how poorly they have been in advocating peace; they all played a game of property grab every time they had the opportunity, but not all places, some refused to join in, the cult.

What did Jesus teach us, its not important when or why, what is important, what the Rabbi taught. Its not possible to airbrush the teaching, its written four times, and ancient as it was then as were the earlier prophets were to those living at the time of Jesus, remind yourself, Jesus referred to earlier prophets while teaching the message of eternity. Since the Spirit is forever, and since it’s each and everyone of us who keeps that Spirit in a living condition inside us, its’ no surprise Jesus had Spirit, as the focus point, in all his teachings amen.

A young teenager is following a script he has been fed from an online chat board, he is being taught how to undermine his family members, he is taught how to hide his reality, he is taught how to deal with authority,he is being taught to be subversive, while his teachers in the real world, report to his mother, or father, their deep anxiety at his behavior. He was never violent the mother explains, who tries to blame the teachers. Manipulation from start to finish; taught by those, who have extreme views on everything. Where do the vulnerable go for help, assistance, to any online source that meets their needs, amen.

Why were there laws when driving a car?

The New Mob?

Information disinformation cult times, is this the new mob, those that take over the minds of the lost, those looking for answers, whose only point of interest in them, or so they feel, are the multitudes of mobs, arranged under lots of names, mainly the latest cause, why, a smile appears, someone understands me, the moment you feel like belonging to a mindset that agrees with all your fears, AND they even give you that inner feeling of comfort, they understand your emotional drought, too good to be true, who rejects pain medication whatever the occasion, feel better now, it could be a drug in name, as it soothes the mind, Eureka, I found someone who understands me. Perhaps you have been taken, well when you are controlled mentally or physically, you are taken, be it chains around the heart or the wrist,they are all the same.

Solomon listened to one who appeared to have been taken in by a cult minded organisation, more politely, they appeared to have been totally brainwashed, that’s the power of reinforcement of the message, it’s how Adolf Hitler achieved power and notoriety, amen.

In a nutshell, those who offered violence as a solution to a problem, were not of Jesus or God, but to see the swastika and the stars and stripes joined together in the same mob, and national leaders applauding such damnation, you would be thinking it was a scene from the second world war, well, those that represented oppression were overcome by an army of right minded individuals.

Solomon sighed, this online bullying that those who escape the cult have to endure, by supporters of the so called golden boy president of former times, who believers of the cult, claim to be the Messiah, as did the followers Hitler applied to him too, is it a case of history trying to repeat itself, and if so, will we be as lucky again.

Even the demon acknowledges God, amen, while trying to convince followers, that it’s him, even when trying to destroy their minds?.

Papal Spying

Is there an office that spies on the workforce of God, the cardinal shakes his head,then replies; We are the same as any other large organisation, we have to keep on top of the output of our representatives. The cameras flash, the PR to the side smiles, reassuring the cardinal, no gaffs so far.

A young journalist raises his hand, he has a question. Eventually the chair gives him the stage.

How did the house of God become an organisation?

The Hospital Bed

I’m not sharing, she is adamant, I’m professional, I have insurance for this, the nurse nods politely, she was told she was difficult, this particular woman. The long suffering nurse has seen it all, but this woman, who does she think she is,hasn’t she noticed the pandemic, a room for herself, most people would be glad to have a companion.

She sulks after the nurse leaves the room, after awhile, her fellow patient asks her,where are you from, she is only being thoughtful,trying to make the younger lady feel welcomed. No answer, the kind old lady sighs, one of those, too proud to ask.

A visitor comes to visit the old lady, our difficult patient tries to eavesdrop, talking cats and children, nephews, gibberish she decides, being a successful business woman she never had time for interference, especially if it got in the way of her career. Now she lies alone in the bed.

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Spiritual well being…

There is this thing inside you the teacher said, the soul, or Spirit, how you tend to it, is the story of the gardener, it needs regular tending to, or as the saying goes, you don’t wait for the announced visit of relatives or friends before you do the big clean up, then it’s too late. She sits in on the course, she is trying to win the support of other professionals, her CV will be more informed as they say, it will earn her a few points in the intellectual points division of her tower high knowledge base, might even help her in her personal relationships. So many re turning to God, she does not want to be left behind. She pretends to be listening, appears to write notes, she is only waiting like a snake in the grass, a tactic she learned from her skillfully cruel husband.

What has she to do with Spiritual wealth, she is only interested in the condo and the strange boys she meets online, Solomon heard the voices, who wouldn’t be confused,when so many use their so called religious upbringing as a tool of entry into certain groups. It wasn’t God they had in mind; the others in the group were like themselves, professionals.

Honesty. Often forgotten about, like long starved children and those killed in war zones. Pray it don’t happen to you, famine, what has that to do with Spirit, Solomon sighed, you have to seek with an honest heart, you don’t order it like a takeaway, it’s not fashion either, it requires a deep understanding of yourself, who you really are, not the stranger that shows up in your place.

So how can you raise that Spirit inside you; Solomon thought about it, it took less than three seconds to arrive at the answer,but it might take years to explain,meanwhile the volcano over the road is flaring and time is running out, clean water is a stock exchange number and children the world over are confused with themselves, who are we they ask themselves everyday, as everyday brings a new explanation, who can keep up with it, why?.

Space wars shouted Solomon, if you work that out, you will have the answer,amen.

The mystic bitch in the room raises her hand, she has a question she wants to ask, it’s pointed, she is smug inside, her lipstick is bright red, she wants everyone to know, who asked this one.

Why did so many …

Before she has time to finish the question, a wall of lava hits the building, entombing them all for posterity, same as the Mount Etna eruption or was it Krakatoa, whatever, in some future time, a team of dedicated archaeologists will be doing the very same; what happened to the Spirit, didn’t they know of the power of the Spirit, more later,amen.