Sunday Afternoons

Who can disagree with the Sunday drive, time set aside to bring a feeling of togetherness to life, more than words,deeds. Solomon recalled, the wonders from above, how the sun appeared every time, he and his baby accomplice went of their Sunday drive, receiving the blessing from above each and every time; who’d try to compete with that power. who would try to dampen the Spirit, in other words. If human kindness can create this reaction, who are men to disown such wonders.

If we turned the world into a mini version of Babylon, my life my worth my pleasure, without thought for the eternal gift given, what are we to expect, if we fail the Spirit, amen. Sunday afternoons, the chance to dream, amen.

Solomon had to under go, spying, AND much that was fake, while the Spirit poured out, who would want to offend God, amen.

The Gardener

Quarantine, will it ever end, how many times do I have to go through this, the question on so many lips, along with the Holy Names, is what’s going on real or imaginary, did the world really close down, you are not going crazy, it’s as real as those Miracles are. Does it feel like a load, who did this, what might Jesus say, well, if we are required to be as forgiving as the Father is, not once, not twice, not three times, how, no, many times, it’s not recalling the words and repeating them like a child in school doing a recital, we are asked to be like the Father, who is depicted like a gardener, why, the garden needs tending regularly. Maybe in hindsight, when you look back, you will appreciate the time you have all been given, to adjust your former lives. It’s ironic to think, that in the mad rush of the past, we dumped our rubbish and moved on, leaving it to succeeding generations to fix the problems, the previous lot made for them. Now that we can’t escape all this time on our hands, cough a few times, yes, the gardener wants us to do it better, amen.

There are great tragedies, unfortunate accidents, and intentional hurts every single day, and it weighs on our consciences, interfering with the well being of Loving Spirit, guilt in other words as Jesus would put it,does, and this tempers the power of the Spirit within. How is it possible, how is it living, well, the very fact your thinking now, should be reminder enough, amen.