Science God and Ourselves

So many uncovered items,finds made in ancient world locations,teaching us more about ourselves, meanwhile,there are those who plan for many futures, ignorant of the ways of the Prophets, paying no attention to old disasters, or the fate of those who fell out of favor with God, so with all the new stuff what is it that is being reinforced, and why, which is another matter altogether.

Jesus tried to explain to the apostles,it wasn’t easy, he had to do the unbelievable, you are Gods he said, made in the image of the Father, there is power in your Spirit, fear not, eventually Jesus passes on, while his teachings remain. Keep your thoughts upwardly mobile, aim for Heaven, there are eternal rewards, it wasn’t difficult to understand, but difficult to maintain, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit, the eternal guide, who will explain further.

What does physics reveal in these changing times, as everything seems to be. Socialism is now seen as being wise, less of the greed more of the concern, your actions matter, exploitation as we know it is dead, there will be those who will ignore anything that mentions God, too poisoned by the academic postulating, why, perhaps it curbs the imagination, can’t go there they say, pity it wasn’t the nuclear energy debate of fifty years ago, too late now for that.

Our conscious thoughts create our world, ideas, plans, imaginings, our habits, our thrills, the queen wears green, the world wears green the following day, we are not that clever. Science, God exists, and they have proof of a new power, and this power is making subtle changes, so what you ask, my breadboard is empty, I can’t afford medical aid, I live today,alive tomorrow if lucky. Well, the good news is, the positive thoughts that are needed to bring about change of the living kind, are in your head, the more we encourage it, the sooner we fix things. As for all the paranoia about, who profits from it all, the question everyone should be asking,amen.

2 thoughts on “Science God and Ourselves

    • there are faces, three, and the picture arrived out of the blue in response to a prayer, God exists, it’s the space we provide inside us, that helps it remain strong,cheers

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