25 Trillion

that’s a lot of dollars Mr Trump,

the Donald smiles he’s got a lump,

that sure sounds like a lot,

25 trillion off shore hope it’s enough,

to build that Mexican wall,


let’s face it, Donald is the McDonalds


politic’s, everyone want’s a bite


good news, they can tie you up in chains but they can’t do it forever. The suspect sat in the chair opposite, very relaxed, picking his teeth, then his nose, scratched his ear a bit. scrawny hair, half shaven, it could have been a day at the library, just trying to explain it, the story. he went about his job with the patience of a surgeon, doing a complicated by pass.

well he said…

it was like this you see…

the deputy in the chair tried to listen, wondering what he was about to say next..

they was no good for society, and i was doing you all a favour…

so you …

someone had to.

burn the church down.

the smell of their remains filled the air for days, no spirit ever came that way again.

so you wanted to get into hell, well son, you passed,