Whats on the mind, the policy maker, says jobs. The poverty index, the direction it goes, a talking point and reasons to be angry, or an excuse. What sort of minds use bad information on certain people, to coral them, into a united voice, or how they use the rage they themselves planted, for their own evil uses.

Thinking, the town is turned around, the combination, is it spirit, is it money, what is behind it. Well, the signs have been coming from a heavenly source, which some are trying to claim credit for, this is written, in times like these, where there are changes outstanding, there will be those, who will be misleading and confusing, in order to remove the faith of many. Why are we warned about this.

In short, if the truth was written so long ago, and with no doubts as to the Gospel of Jesus, it follows, that the teachings of Jesus, are the ones that shine a light on our current situation, amen.

Solomon smiled; the stories that teach us. The child, early fifties, or sixties, the TV a new affair, entertainment wholesome family affairs, the policy safe guarded, nothing over the top until after the late hours, not for children in other words. Years later, its as if its all grafted into one, and with so many dependent upon it, the screen, can we do anything about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s the car in the early stages of use. After many years and after much destruction of the environments, we now are going electric, clean energy in other words, amen. As for those who want to see a world that is on the recovery trail, lucky those, who have leaders who point them to the ways of the wise, amen. And the children in these places, their trust in the future, makes them keen to learn all about it, great foundations for a future world.