It’s All About Change….

Religion war, war, war, god, Christians united, Muslim, Jewish ness, the whole lot was a mess, and undermining life globally and locally for everyone who just wanted to get on. You had to be in some ones gang when it came to religion. You stood alone, you were bait. Harry had been taking notes on it all. How religion, oil, business and the media had merged. ROBM, rob’em he called it for short.
Magda even agreed with him, her English was improving too. She’d help with women’s issues she promised once she passed her final exams. Love, the one issue he’d yet to come across on the TV, and it’s thousands of channels. Dating, mating, weekend flings, out door sex, partnerships, open marriages, conditions annexed, he’d seen loads, been taken to places he never knew existed, been inside and outside discussions on it, but had to date not seen the most endangered of species of late, the loving human being. Seen lots of movies on the issue, syrup was thick, sentiment missing as usual. The hourly news blasts reinforcing what he already knew, no money in peace when it came to the middle east, love was totally at odds with everything to do with power and money. Suicide on the increase, drugs and alcohol too, the gap between rich and poor lengthens, the smirk of a banker, as over and over he chews, on the fillet of people. Love was not an issue known to make the news. Many had sung about it, written lines too, tried it out even, for it has a hunger know one knew, or so powerful, free too, freaky that you don’t need insurance for it, to save it even. Love was the most powerful drug of all figured harry, who’d put it all down on it, everything he believed in. afraid to do it on his own, he’d signed up with a religious order. With time, his mistake was well placed, as now he was thinking of going out on his own. Magda, could as easily have been Magdalene, mary in fact. The da Vinci code had everyone worked up. people got quickly bored with it though. how would he approach his superiors with the news. Magda told him to use a cyber name, to keep his job, and to do his thing online. The worreld is going all electric she’d say. He liked the idea of the anonymous prophet leader guru type, who connected with his followers through advertising. Wasn’t sure how it would work online. Easee peesee was magda’s response to everything now they were almost a couple, almost. Working together was as good as sex, almost, they were going to be getting closer and closer. The dam would burst one day soon she hoped. Imagine, a woman running the world, it was time for a turn up of epic portions, maybe magda was the one….

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