why write…

This is an opinion about Writing does not equal riches:
if women understood the pain of childbirth, how many would actually volunteer, if men understood the pain of love, how many of them would run out the door. Writing is story telling, the voice that resonates, the reason you listen to some people and not to others. All too often, we allow critics, those that never put their soul into anything, to dictate, and because they have the kings ear, the same way we allow patsy spin doctors to decide on who goes to war and why, does that sound good enough. The war in Iraq lead to the deaths of millions in that country, the war in Vietnam destroyed even more, and the world is still paying the price. People write to inform, unless you want to titillate and arouse passion that’s only personal. Today, there are over 100 million electronic books waiting to be filled, it’s never been a better time to be a writer, artists or creative. When the mind is filled with self the other half of the mind suffers, and this is exactly what happened to the world, we failed miserably. Knowledge of famine is no longer the sole activity of the news we used to rely upon, oh we didn’t know, doesn’t work anymore, this attitude of ignorance. Writers make known what is already going on, the same way artists raise our awareness levels of issues deemed important for us to know. When the cocaine was flowing, bank credit was easy, our minds were not focused on others, but on the self, and its why the world is in a state of chaos, and unless we start to listen and start reacting soon, only God knows what will happen next. Given that God is fully aware of the sexualisation of the world, and all the other abuses, i’d say we writers better up the tempo, and quickly. If you have a voice and the story is a good one, he listens. So write the wrongs and come up with the cure. Put in a nutshell, and this is only one stupid but honest comment;
The so called war on drugs could have been solved twenty years ago, quickly and easily. The american government know this, and many other governments know this. The only reason they decided to allow children become infected with the problem is this; too many people involved in the solving of the problem, the cure would have meant joblessness to all those so called warriors, consultants and advisers working to solve a problem they all know was easy to fix. This is just one issue. Big pharma has a case to answer too. Because i know that God most high is very real, what do you think will be his answer to those who plead ignorance. Writers unite and tell it as it is. The same governments could solve issues like child abuse online, they don’t want to. The more you worry the more a consumer you become, cause like when the going gets tough, we all seek distraction. God does not do statistics, God does love, and we as world people, ain’t showing much of it as they say in Hollywood, so lets at least write it…
If you were ever in doubt about the world and the wicked group that attempted to control the game as they say, think about the notion of whistleblower legislation. Imagine, a world so devoid of truth, that they had to come up with a law to protect those who wanted us to know what was really going on. Personally, I sometimes think I come from Mars. So writing is vitally important, if we want to come into the light, otherwise, most of us will stay in the dark, remain ignorant, and die, without having used the gifts bestowed upon us. And if you don’t use the gift wisely, like the parable of the talents, you won’t be given anymore.

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