I was asked, if i could, what I’d like to change about my life and why?…

I started with a plan, that only a dreamer could have imagined, when justice was real, love was everything, and hope sprung from the most ungodly of places, and like the movie, I’d get the result in the end, so i planned what i assumed to be possible, partly because my life was given back to me, relatively unscathed, from a death defying car smash, that would in all probability have delivered anyone else into the next world, sounds dramatic, then again, all good stories are just that, and all lives well lived, are like that, dramatic, and if you follow the stories of the old prophets and wisemen and women of the world, divine intervention is a real event, and not a script writers fantasy. Having been delivered from certain death, I had friends in very high places, and so i assumed, and so it appears, even my friends agree with that. At the time of my near escape, i was on the verge of a fruitful career, and when the internet arrived in real time while i was in recovery, I knew that the reason for being we all have, was not just a thing, but a real mission, a mission we get waylaid on, for various reasons.
Without going into detail, i imagined what the new world would be like, the social consequences, the problem areas, and the fruitful fields, and so it was, just like that, and so I persevered, despite having met treachery and betrayal from close friends and others. I knew then, that those who interfered with the works of those trusted with wisdom, faced justice of a divine kind, so it proved.
In the middle of the many trials i had to endure, and the wisdom acquired, I retained my Faith in God most high. As soon as one door closed, another opportunity appeared, still does. I continue to practice wisdom acquisition, and i encourage all my friends to follow this plan. Learn something new everyday and you will grow up wise. Do one thing good every day and you will become a friend of God most high. I put the belief system into action, asked for help, it arrived. I suppose, in a nutshell, i went a little further in my plan, that no other right thinking person would undertake, alienated people close to me, (they agree with me now), and when they all caste me out so to speak, I was deemed a rebel of sorts, it was only when i was up against the wall, nowhere to turn to, that i picked up a book, the holy book my grandfather used to use as one of his reference books on God, a book by an old italian jesuit priest of the 1900’s, that did not agree with all the church teachings, (priest was silenced later in his life too) a book I have read about three times. At the same time I started reading this book, my faith in God increased dramatically, and it has not changed in the longest time. My only regret is this; If i had been educated widely about the meaning of God in our lives rather than the importance of religion, as is the case the world over, how much happier we’d all be, and how great would be our friendships. Sadly, I saw the greatest of plans thwarted by close acquaintanceship with those I deemed to be of good standing with society as a whole and all that is right, only for horror to occur. And when i hear the old sayings, one in particular stands out, for all the wrong reasons; “the road to hell is filled with good intention”..so beware, not all that you see is ever that black or white…

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