There is light in the dark…

This is an opinion about Light in the dark:
I read this young persons poem, story, lament, and it woke in me, the reason why we need to encourage, and try again and again, never give up, never become despairing, much of the world tries to make us despairing, give up and be like them, they who live in the dark, never see the light, they are those who never see the good, see only themselves, my life, me, as i said to a friend many years ago, when it’s about me, the romance with life is usually over or heading for the proverbial cliff. having been there on more than a few occasions, i can tell you with certainty, love is the light that will heal the world, it’s really that simple, but i guess we all know this, but being human, we get a little down when the love moves away, and in our hopelessness at those times, we seek consolation, it’s why we often seek affairs, anything to keep us seeking, for fear we just might get there…happy Easter,

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