Come Together Now!

This is an opinion about Facebook aims to take over the internet:
Nazi Germany planned on taking over the world too, The Titans of Wall Street planned on taking over the world too, almost made it, (God is all powerful and doesn’t like those types),
certain religions have tried to take over the world, and failed, The roman empire thought they were the world, British empire once owned a quarter of the world, (they are now heading into a deep and even deeper depression, watch the news), The government of America tried to dominate the world (look at china taking the pole position), And Apple computers almost went out of business before they almost took over the computing world. First there was america online (how much did that media company pay for it, how many billions wasted on what turned out to be junk), then Bebo, where are they now, those who try to take the mantle of being first in the world don’t have a long stay at the top. The view might be good, the power so wonderful, but they seem to forget, That the one who created the world, can take any one of them out of the game at will, so don’t be alarmed that Facebook might want to take over the world. Think of all the money that was spent on a service, that will in all probability be surpassed by an even better service, Samsung even, money that could have been put to wiser use, empowering the mothers of Africa, counteracting the sexualisation of women and children globally, and think of God most high. We are in the arena of Judgement, so whoever attempts to be the number one brand online, will not have too long to linger at the top. Can’t you hear the children cry, no food, the mothers in despair, no hope, the ears of God most high, who sooner or later will have enough, and say stop…unless we begin to love as it was intended..then you’ll never worry about Facebook again, and those who allow children to die needlessly, to put it mildly, no amount of Valium will ease the mental anguish they will all have to bear. I’ve seen the golden city, the faces in the clouds, the dogs bollix as they say, no need to be alarmed, just prepared…
God is all powerful, and when evil reaches a peak, it’s called the stop loss junction, and we are so near that point, we should all stop worrying about the little bitty services like Facebook, and keep on pouring out hope as fast as our mind hearts and fingers allow, as God most high, is into one thing and one thing alone, not your shadow, not your reflection, not your bank account, not your friend list, nothing that human, just what did you do to create real love, what did you do to protect it, and what did you do to sow into the minds of others, in particular the very young, everything else dear friends can be bought, now isn’t that really priceless, move over MasterCard!! don’t you need a sense of humor sometimes…

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