disclaimers….and Lawyers….

This is an opinion about ‘Hear Ye’ – ‘See Ye’:
My storylane friend seth, wrote about his “higher powers”, and the need to disclaim, or to put a notice to disclaim, in the event of anyone making the suggestion, that his words could be mistaken as the policies of his superiors, and while i agree with seth in principle, it reminds me of the small details on a loan policy or policy of insurance, you don’t read them, only lawyers read them, and they are written, in order to give the loan company or insurance company, a way out if possible in the event of you or me making that claim..
I thought about this issue, and how the world is being victimized, one person at a time, by those who wish to do good things for us, but who then find an excuse to blow the deal as they say. I had direct experience of this, with dire consequences for many millions of people sadly, and in order for the same, never to happen again, i started to work on solutions to this huge and rampant form of cancer, that has for years played with all our lives. I’ve studied elements of the New York bar, and legal issues, not like a dentist, but as someone interested in things affecting all of us, and rather than read playboy, hustler or the other raft of material out there, and readily available to all and sundry, I vowed to make an impact, even if i didn’t profit personally from it, and here it is. It’s called the concept of Honest Mistake. It does not appear in law, but the concept of Honest Mistake, will dilute the
earning capacity of every lawyer living on the planet. If you make a claim against a hospital for example, and if the lawyer finds the tiniest detail in the clients favor, no matter how small, the lawyer then goes to work on the Jury, playing the emotions the same way a dirty lover can escape the wrath of his other half, by targeting, basically, hit them where they are most vulnerable, lawyers make juries emotional, that was your child on the operating, no credit is given to the work to-date of the doctor or nurse being blamed for the smallest mistake or error. Honest mistake, allows the jury reflect upon the balance between human error and history of errors, thus allowing the jury consider the case in broader details, rather than from the point of view of right or wrong. If you ever get to the gates of heaven, as i am sure it exists, this applies to every living soul, i’m sure you’d like to be judged, on what you did overall, rather than on the one time you made that mistake, that might keep you in doubt all your life.
With this thought in mind, I wonder what happened to all the good souls, many living, some still alive, who had to work in dark areas, with dangerous people, in order to help expose evil and other goings on. You worked with him, didn’t you, so many of those comments out there, it’s no wonder God is wondering, looking down on us all, do any of them forgive, but i’m sure he doesn’t think like that at all, didn’t he give us stories to deal with this situation already, some folks just didn’t read the fine print as they say….thanks Seth, your disclaimer
was rather revealing in the questions it poses for mankind…

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