This is an opinion about [Storylane, One Brilliant Idea & Facebook is Cashing In On It!]
Storylane is like a street corner, the artists meet, the opinionated, they share, and go away. the next day, week, whatever, we meet again, toss more ideas, etc etc. This service is actually better than ted, does not cost $,7000 to join, and I for one, without taxing my brain,could come up with a list of better ways to connect with people. Believe me, this is just like the first outpost of the trail west, as in the days of indians cowboys etc..In a years time, Facebook, will either be extinct or going places or near to a point in between. But writer and those that come up with the words and ideas, are the ones who will ultimately decide on what happens. Don’t fret too much Seth, keep writing, and even if you think your stuff is best kept to the circle you trust most, believe me when I say this. God gets seriously pissed off when good people are interfered with, you’d be shocked and amazed at the same time. Without new ideas and well thought out conceptual thinking, all onlines services will go where Bebo went, and it’s the same for the catholic church today, without a true loving and open minded pope, it’s fate is not much better.
take care and God bless, if you want to visit my personal blog, prepare to be inspired…
the world has shrunk to the size of an email but love will always be the same, only true, and not even the most devious person the world can change that, just interfere with the way you see things…. pass it on amen

Climbing Mountains…

It starts with a plan, you take out the map, you gather the implements, and off you go. Storylaners, climb mountains with words, and nothing is more moving, than words assembled in an order, if written with emotion, i.e. the voice be true, touches and moves hearts or awakens us, really that simply. In times of old, words were the only tools that were there to get people to think, realise, react and behave. It’s why pornography was invented, to appeal to our lowest instinct, using images and words, that got you hot and heavy, and made you take more an interest in what you were already in, an early version of viagra. If viagra cured depression immediately, it would have been buried instantly, this i can guarantee you. The emigration of storylane into facebook, is purely a business decision, that
will help the storylane team, to develop services and expand it’s influence, as the value of story lane is the stories and the creative people who dwell on it. If it’s the end of story lane as it stands, it will only lead to the creation of more storylane type avenues online. It’s not the david and goliath scenario that some might think it is. Personally, I know that God is real, and David wins everytime, despite the odds or the size of the giant in front of you. I have a blog under the paddypicasso label, http://www.paddypicasso.blogspot.com that i use to explain life as i know it, what influences me, and to write like leonard cohen, bob dylan and a host of others, all people that i have learned from, apart from quite a few others. As a story teller, I have so far debated the facebook phenomena, the issue of web influence, the active danger of too much information, the issue of brain space, the over controlling features of religion on my blog and on storylane, and my reason for doing so, has not been to record notches on my readers list, but to teach.
Education is healing, helping and encouraging, and whether it be the slums of rio, the darkest streets of detroit, or calcutta, it’s the same, making it happen or climbing mountains as i call it. So fellow storylaners, in a weekend, at any given time, we could if we so wish, and it’s easy, cheap, very affordable and doable, to recreate this type of service, with ease and quickly, without too much fuss. As i’ve often stated to friends, and what most religions never point out, no two people climb the proverbial using the same footsteps ever, and as the web is limitless, in terms of size and reach, it would only be a fool that cut off a stream of fresh water from entering the lake, unless there was a good and well hidden motive behind it. God is everywhere, we just have to encourage her, or him, and God likes nothing more than a great story.

Love is patience…

This is an opinion about [Speaking of Pure Love]
muhammad, thanks for your honesty, it’s what pure love is, you obviously have it. It’s when we start pretending that things go wrong, like when politicians and others start messing with your hopes and expectations. Love is the one thing we all have in common, we might look different but inside it’s the same story…pass it on..


This is an opinion about [On intelligence]
A tree is only as as strong as it’s roots, a child only reaches it’s potential when it’s allowed to shine, basically, we all need space in order to find the time, for us all to reach that goal, and God has a plan for everyone, just give yourself the time, and watch the wonders that will arise….

It’s Lambing Season Again…

It’s here again, ahh I hear them say, gamboling through the fields their mother’s not far away, smiles all round, heart strings moved, are they not so cute, you’d like to have one for a pet, who’d harm a lamb, animal haters worse than mass killers, the cruelty I can hear you pray, yet they all end up at the hands of chain saw killers, blood pouring everywhere, but it don’t put you off your dinner, lambs aren’t lambs for long, like little babies they too become another kind of prey, really, you can’t be serious, officer I wasn’t actually going to abuse a child formally, I don’t do those kind of things normally, the images were free by the way, so was the first bag of heroin, the one that hooked those children all those years ago.
Lambing season advice, warm indoor space required, a good source of running of water, room for them to run around and plenty of hay, that’d be a good start I hear the farmer say. What happens after that is up to the meat eater, some like them tender, others eat them rare, more often it’s best to roast them over a spit, but you’ll get a good meal for twelve out of one, then that’s the end of that, for the poor little gamboling lamb that you thought so tender and sweet, unless you want to keep a few alive and healthy for the season ahead, when you want to breed more to eat. Children are lambs too, just because we can’t rear and sell them when we like, doesn’t mean we have to be so screwy, imagine, showing a little lamb a picture of his mom, on the hoof, hanging like a piece of meat, make you want to scream, well it would if i was a lamb, and they say children are not affected by sexual imagery or violent imagery exposed to them at an early age. ..i wonder what kind of people think like that, they’ve never eaten lamb…

Don’t Blame God

The stream of love, the scream of love, the fear of love, the heartbreak and the tears, the emotions that go missing when the love you thought was yours disappears, angst illness hatred the conscious thoughts of the wicked, the efforts to make us all fear, why…
God listens when we love without fear, like a farmer with seeds only the good ones produce beans, enter the pleasure seeker he doesn’t toil at all, just uses everyone and the good stored inside ueveryone, abuses you then seems to disappear, and it’s been going this way for years, buy buy you look awful your sex life is dull, take some of these, inhibitions you don’t have them, you don’t have them for years..and you complain that your love life is fruitless after all these years, your never happy you say, well the truth is in the garden, what fruit have you put into it you see, and God does not do pleasure even if love is pleasuring to you, it’s the tool he uses to bind us together, so that we can work out our fears…ask yourself why before you blame your neighbor, Or God, how many blame their families, some excuse. need another one i suppose, blame Obama, for not sorting out it all, and it repeats like a bad stomach ache, and it gets on your nerves, the doctor is now your enemy, he’s cut the valium. How do you think God works, what do you think he understands, are you the fruit of a very good tree, what are you looking for, fear, easy to deal with, so like so many out there, join the swappers club at least they have their fun, were adult and can do what we like, exactly, God is God and he only does what is right, and when you act in accordance with the will, you decide if your giving or taking, it’s really that simple.


This is an opinion about [“What have you done to stop the sexualisation of society, and would you like your children exposed to such imagery on a daily basis?”
it’s not a condition, state of mind, or an illness, it’s real.

Cokeheads Dream (Hitler Got Away With It)

Pete washed her smell off his body, rubbing himself all over, cleansing himself. HIV/AIDS was a growing issue, especially in the music business. Good wash after sex was staple for him. Had she made it home, he’d forgot to ask her a favour, a delivery he needed making that evening to the producer, tv guy who could offer her work.

The water was instant and hot as she stepped into the shower. Used to it she didn’t flinch, enjoying the heat, her head and mind in far away places, far away from men, fucking machines to her, no loyalty, she was good at pretending when it came to men.
She’d loved once, many years ago, so far from it now, she could hardly remember, unless she felt cheap or easy, used and abused, as she had that day, not blaming anyone, no denial to comfort her, she liked raw life, unwrapped for what it was, yourself alone in a hopeless world. She’d never forgiven God for that day, the day his plane crashed and their dreams ended. Aid worker too, what god would forsake an aid worker she asked, no God would allow such a thing happen to one so good, so giving. She hadn’t read the story of Jesus closely, she just had God, the prayer maker, the one you confess your hopes and dreams to when the going is good and all life is star like. God did not exist in gloom, not in her heart anyway. But harry gave her a different feel, a sense of longing she was having difficulty with. Pete introduced them one night, introduced her to cocaine and others too. Politeness wasn’t something she was used to from men either. Usually it was a case of clean clothes, fresh smells, loose morals and little else, the holy grail being love and being loved in return. Men wanted her knickers and only treated her when she treated them to sex. Story of mankind she supposed until Jesus came along, so the story went. Rubbing her sex organ clean, she doused it in liquid soap, trying to erase the last testimony to it’s existence or worth. Pete who’d been with every pretty woman in London it seemed had been her latest regular fuck, a mutual respect based on lust and coke and her lack of pride. So she took coke to boost her mental strength, so claimed pete who was glad to furnish her with the shit anytime he needed a favour.

Stir fry has to be mixed and turned so that it doesn’t burn. Bit like your skin in the sun. you keep moving around until it’s brown all over. Harry enjoyed cooking, healed his drug taking in that he couldn’t role joint and stir fry at the same time. Piri was added, a spice, salt and pepper, soy sauce too, the pan sizzled, harry kept turning the smell got better. The microwave went beep, meaning the rice was cooked. Ten to six, he was ahead of schedule.

Pete was on the street, walking to his local. A caller wanted a half ounce, and it was a regular, another media head. A fashion house was having an after launch party for a few guests, no coke no party, no coke no impressionable young women who wanted to live on the money of the seemingly wealthy. Most of them would end up on the hire circuit, sex hire that is, but they were too young yet to notice what the real world had in mind for them. Oliver waited inside the door of the kings head bar, drinking just water, hand inside jacket clutching a £1,000 wedge. Come pete he urged to himself, he’d promised a pal he’d have a fix for them, pete was usually reliable.
“I knew I could rely on you” laughed ollie on seeing his pal enter the bar, the same time calling a gin and tonic for his pal.
“make it a water” interrupted pete, well aware of the amount of coke crystals in his head lungs chest and heart. Coke on it’s own was survivable, not so cute with alcohol he’d learned from a few dead friends, knowledge he didn’t share.

“visions of Erica, they’re a new name, you should see the young chicks” quipped ollie trying to make small talk, while pete fiddled with a package that had been stuffed down his underpants, between his balls and anus.
“hurry up” added ollie looking at his watch.
I’ll choke him swore pete to himself, swear I will, all the time fumbling with the plastic bag, careful not to give ollie the bag with the mixed stuff, but the bag with the good stuff. It was well known in the media and TV business that quality of coke was a sign of a company on the up. The poorer companies mixed their coke three to four times. Haute couture was 50% pure coke and twice the price of the badly mixed shit. A bit like beer and brandy to an alcoholic with poor liver function. But fashion houses made so much money from favoured clients, that the whole coke thing became normal. Same for TV and the mile a minute comic who can’t shut up, hilarious. More hilarious was the reality that those in the media industries were more likely to be around cocaine regularly than the average addict. You never hear of the drug testing of TV/media executives even though they sell propaganda daily. Hitler got away with it I suppose.
is it not strange, that throughout the world, given the invasive nature of television, and it’s ability to burrow into the lives of everyone, that no where on the entire planet, i mean no where, ever, (same could be said for all our political class and their close advisors), never has there been the slightest argument about the issue of drug testing of executives, propaganda artists and news makers, even though, everyone knows, as leonard cohen has song about, that those who push and creat material of a propaganda style nature, that affect people everywhere, create wars in a way, how come, can anyone explain, well i know the answer, but is everyone living soul out there, a tool!….we drug test sports men, lance amrstrong never killed anyone, never started a war, we drug test football stars, golfers even, who is pulling the piss, cause ye ain’t going to get away with it a day longer….pass the message on.

sweet merita

This is an opinion about Dear God…:
I read a storylane from merita, and she asks the question we all want the answer to, why God, why allow the titans to flourish, why reward the evil doers, why is there so many tragedies, why, and i have had this same why on my mind, why did hugo chavez die at 58 when he did so much for the poor of his own country, they are asking that all over south america tonight, and i remember the story of jesus’s crucifixion, and when they all saw him on the cross, they asked him to save himself, one of the other two side by side him, and the devil tempted him too, and the list is endless, it’s all in the bible, fully explained, the reason, why and it’s simply this, as far as i understand…..what is love, you say you love me, if you really love me, and the first satisfactory answer settles you, but your not quite as trusting as before with your pal, as you feel you’ve been let down, you think you have, we all are doubting thomas’s to some degree, it’s human. God is super natural, a little elevated from the rest of us, and what he gave each and every one of us, was a heart that was meant to love, not a heart that was to be used for other purposes, as we think like humans do, not the way god does. The ways of God most high are only known by God.
when we pick a government that cuts child care, is that our fault as we elected them, or is it God’s fault. Do we blame God for the fact that they shot murdered Che Guevara, or JFK, of course not. Do we blame God because Jesus was tempted or you were or I, of course not, it’s human to blame others for things we can’t explain away, or wish that never happened. God only works through love, and if we want God’s influence in the world to be greater than it is, we need to create more love, think of others occasionally, and to mature our love by practicing it more and following the guidelines. I know that God is more real than you could even imagine, and he works for positive love not self love, which so many are good at. The children of Africa starve because of the policy of governments, tyrants and shady corporations that put money at the top of the priority list. Corruption exists because intelligent and smart folks prefer to take money over principal, pornography exists because people make it, and we the people of the world, have to decide if we are going to use our free will, and do what suits us or what is right, as God is getting pretty damn tired with the fruit from the tree, basically us, who are supposed to bear the fruit of love, which we have been doing so lousy at, as we seem to prefer the me to the us mentality, and it has messed it up. When you love, you must be patient to begin with, a child is nine months in nurture mode before it’s born, while the world lives in the now mode and wants it to happen now. Do you blame the Guy who gave you the gift or the person for messing it all up.
The people of the world are getting edgy by the day, financial chaos, rebellions, truth rarely spoken, weather patterns going mad, record storms, we were given the gift of the earth, and we turned it into thrash almost, do you think God most high is cheering from above..and we did it with our own free will, well lots of folks did. The less we care the less God helps, the more we love, the more involved God becomes, just like any reasonable Father would.

We Will Never Forget You Hugo

Busy, looking for the make up honey, it’s your turn to collect the kids today, by the way I never received that cheque, they caught bin laden by the way, everyone cheers, the world has changed, still haven’t got the cheque, Bradley manning gets twenty years to life, big cheer all around, yeah, he was a traitor, gun lobby cheers even louder, who were the sandy hook children anyway ,in the wrong place at the wrong time, they should have armed guards in schools all day, who’ll we blame I hear them say, oops, one of our opps wiped out a school bus full of children in Iraq today, we’ll send them a cheque as well, they’ll feel better that way, national security hires private police force, wont be on the payroll, call them consultants, congress likes it that way, too many numbers on the list as it is, who’ll we go for next they say, room full of clones discuss the use of drones, pr man comes up with a plan, sounds fairly smart todd we think your very smart, we’ll make you the national director, todd who, haven’t a clue neither has todd, they believe what they hear in the news, call it a terror hit and put some top level names on that bus hit, pope in tears he pleads to God, you elevated me to this job, and I’m surrounded by a ticking bomb list, pope refuses to go along with their plan, won’t allow the planned nuclear hit, a step too far he retires instead, pandemonium, we need our guy to get elected, anyone in the little black book, oh crikey, Hugo Chavez is dead.
God throws of his gown, puts down the golden staff, sees a row of empty jars, in the corner there’s a full one, full of the horrors that are the human race, takes one in his hand and smashes it towards the earth, all gone, the end, an entire section of mankind goes on the run. Todd Todd, I thought you hand a handle on this, you go to church don’t you, todd stutters, I really don’t know what to do, he’s lost his tongue. I gave them every chance speaks God, I’ll turn them all into baffling fools for the horror they have done.
One good man, and lots of great women, is this the harvest of all that they have done, St Peter shakes with fear, the last time he say his master this angry, he soon saw a tsunami come and a country disappear.

Born to poverty, reminded of it as he grew up, faith in God strong, waited for his time to come, struck when he had enough, came to power, freed the poor the impoverished with a grin, even sang, gave back to the poor what belonged to them, was ridiculed in Washington for what he’d done. The road to hell is full of Good intentions, and ignorance is not going to save you, neither will it save anyone. The wealthy elite who stole and cheat, plan to retake the wealth they vested on themselves, with the help and blessing of the American people, it’s Venezuela we want, the key the director of the C.I.A. states, and he’s Irish, there is prayer in his veins. Wasn’t Hugo right all those years ago, thank God for the French revolution, the first tsunami of hope that world has ever known, when the people stood up and said no. Together we can do it.
Trust in Jesus Christ, he’s the only one who can save us now…and we wonder why there is chaos everywhere, well wonder no more….