The emotional tyrants

It’s wrong, can’t do this, pain in my leg, this is wrong, excuses by the bucket full, yawns, more yawns, dull, head spinning, the list of well discussed reasons why we don’t do what we are supposed top do, i wonder is this just me. but getting into the emotions is really trying.
Emotional times, every one is crying, crying for change, privately publicly the call is a united one, it’s tragedy and distress, first began when life was a mess, was it something you could not say, were you afraid that he’d run away, children, women, men, everyone living, emotional is the natural one, don’t worry it’s time to let go those fears, have confidence in yourself, don’t listen to those failures, growing it’s a very emotional time, in a relationship and you have to let go, you have old friends they don’t want to know, be like us we’ll keep you safe, if you try to do that you’ll end up like sheep, emotional sometimes good but it’s usually fear, it’s holding you back that secret you can’t reveal, you have to tell someone you try the booze instead, it’s a slippery surface your suddenly on, you think you are in control but your loosing it, join a group we can help you, you become addicted to that and it’s another fall back, how can I deal with it, this pain I have inside, it’s the same fate of governments those hidden mistakes, be truthful it might hurt, ignore it and it will eat you up, I’ve been in these situations, grown comfortable among the addicted, just cant seem to do it myself, yes you can, think you heard that line before, the call of hope takes to happen, many people everyone in fact, they suffer this same problem, it’s really matter of fact, the husband is cheating, the wife is she leaving, I can’t say that, what will I do on my own, will I get a replacement, what’s going on, he meets her in the school gym, they like each other, she’s sweet and wailer thin, years grow the friend ship endures, experiences shared like we can’t let go, every plant needs space, ever see a big tree in a tightly wound space, never have and never will, mature and grow that flow, if light can’t get in where do you grow, sideways this way his way her way not the way you planned for sure, it’s why God gives us wisdom every living day, problem is we forgot, got used to excuses and all the abuses, cynicism resentment broken love and loss, you that three year old child alone in the school yard, every one else had a daddy, you didn’t understand you yearned inside, how did we see but not feel, situation been going on for years, expensive education and toys to keep you busy, never makes up for the love you craved for, lost love is replaced in many shapes and forms, a world that ignores the needs of children may soon be wishing otherwise, I had a dream many years ago, it keeps turning up trumps, today I saw a little boy lost three years old a little cap on his face, he sat quietly in a corner and watched as others passed by, fathers holding hands with their children, the little boy started to cry, why me, why do they hurt me, do they care at all, the faces the TV, the voices of the mighty and great, get even said the voice in his head, someday he’ll murder his wife, it’s happening again and again, all we can do is call an inquiry, the boy thinks as he grows old in the state penitentiary, how the so called good deal with such calamities, any better excuse for our emotional lives, have we forgotten to love, seems the mighty lord thinks so, and when the lord hurts expect a reaction, well……your children are hurting what are you going to do,
Allow tyrants dominate you, amen.

not just a song but a journey as well

not just a song but a long journey as well, i was driving the road chatting with the king, renewed my intentions for a world more loving, that was better for every one, a place where love grows wisely not anxiously like it does for most of my kin, I’ve had many close calls you see but my faith in folks has only been my concern, hopeful are the people we lover the more we encourage the better we all get on, the more this dream comes about the more and more i will continue to pay homage to him , been on this road awhile and i need reassurance for myself, am i honest and real like the good books says or am i just another one, open to what is true and loving not fashionable like most of those teachers who continue to come and come, people that i see preach what they like it’s only the audience that they want to see, i’m a little older now but i still have a lot of tolerance, decided to stop the car this day went into an electric cafe could have been a church but i was in a hurry, i had to acknowledge my prayer and be certain, my intention being to send across the world and universe hope the best way i can, with words like Neil young words that stir the hearts of everyone just do it i said and run, while i was there came across the effort of a young lady of tender years she seems, in her wisdom and passion she reminded me why i do the things i do, could feel her loving force her energy passed into my mind, have no idea where this journey will take me and others of similar mind, we always have to fight those who accept rather than do, their part for all of us is not the part i plan to be myself, the knowing God is very real, miracles they all come from the heart, they happen to be occurring in many locations now open your eyes and play a part, it’s great to hear from one young who is able to encourage those so older to try that little bit bolder, put doubts about destiny out of mind i thank you for the start, it’s just that we need to encourage the little ones inside them unlike many older that have lost that same old spark, but they can be re ignited again when they are reunited again it just takes a little more love for them to spark, and a little more time for us to get wiser before we make it a brand new start…and again and again, cause despite the problems and fear we all share this is our life so lets all start again and spark, sounds like you car is at it again and again…
again …amen

why do we like google..

it started the first time a good friend, a man of integrity, pointed to this search site
many years ago. at a time when the web was novel, and not totally functioning, and when
the large tech companies had not got their hands or understood what honesty meant, by which i mean, they had not figured out how to rob people yet, but were trying hard to get noticed, i.e. altavista from dec and so on, i came across google, and like the old phrase says, it did what it said on the can, it didn’t direct you to all sorts of sites, but to the ones that held content relevant to the search carried out, simple honest and true, and like all good things, spread by word of mouth. i even went as far as attempt to buy shares in google many years ago, they were on DR, at the time, but the lady broker who was assisting me, didn’t see much in my thinking, i guess she would have preferred to keep me stupid and a local client, like a bookie type relationship. needless to say, she took a job with the anglo irish banking corporation not long after, a bank that ended up loosing fifty billion euro’s of the locals cash sadly, but that is google for me, honesty, savvy, and simplicity entwined..


This is an opinion about [“My Brown Eyed Girl”….]
i’m a browned eyed boy, and i had a miracle too, left for dead in my car, everything broken
apart from head to toe, every vital organ missed by inches, my organs donated as my mother insisted, she’s a very special girl, that browned eyed little girl, amen.

All about time…

This is an opinion about [On Time, And How It Whooshes By]
it’s all about time, time to do this, time to go to work, time to go to bed, time to close up shop, and when we think of time, guess what, we totally mess up, cause so much depression, haven’t the time for that, time i got a job, time i did something with my life, and best of all, if you are not using your time as others suggest, they give out to you about wasting your time, what i know about time, is the danger of routine, waiting, waiting for the kettle to boil, a friend to arrive, it’s no wonder we get sick all of the “time”, so here is a suggestion that might make live all the happier, more interesting, and will make you wiser also.
you get up to do “A” and you plan is to get as far as “B”, it could be a car journey, it’s most likely work of a kind, so all over the world, like little ants we rush to A to B, and to C, and like clockwork, we give ourselves the okay as we meet each target, and we do this day in day out, maybe all our lives, and in the middle of this rushing around using our time, we ignore the folks we meet on the way, were blinkered in our determination to get the job done, so determined we are like bullies sometimes, so when you feel time is getting you done, pick the following playlist, neil young, a little leonard cohen, lady gaga, we all need beat, a little take that, and a dose of van morrison, finish with a few bob dylan tunes, and in no time at all you’ll be joyous, and the kitchen will be clean, and all of a sudden you’ll say, where did all the time go, and you’ll sleep easily and dream all night…don’t fill the vacuum that is sometimes time with worry, fill it with hopes and dreams of some might artists, and then maybe, you’ll become a star too, and about time too….amen

God is real

I’ve seen the impossible, encountered the most beautiful, and dealt with the most cunning of spies, and the devil works his act daily and in the most devious of ways, and when we come together to pray, not alone do we honor our god, but we make a stand, we declare among ourselves, the truth of our existence, and the uselessness of being alone, amen.