This is an opinion about [“My Brown Eyed Girl”….]
i’m a browned eyed boy, and i had a miracle too, left for dead in my car, everything broken
apart from head to toe, every vital organ missed by inches, my organs donated as my mother insisted, she’s a very special girl, that browned eyed little girl, amen.

All about time…

This is an opinion about [On Time, And How It Whooshes By]
it’s all about time, time to do this, time to go to work, time to go to bed, time to close up shop, and when we think of time, guess what, we totally mess up, cause so much depression, haven’t the time for that, time i got a job, time i did something with my life, and best of all, if you are not using your time as others suggest, they give out to you about wasting your time, what i know about time, is the danger of routine, waiting, waiting for the kettle to boil, a friend to arrive, it’s no wonder we get sick all of the “time”, so here is a suggestion that might make live all the happier, more interesting, and will make you wiser also.
you get up to do “A” and you plan is to get as far as “B”, it could be a car journey, it’s most likely work of a kind, so all over the world, like little ants we rush to A to B, and to C, and like clockwork, we give ourselves the okay as we meet each target, and we do this day in day out, maybe all our lives, and in the middle of this rushing around using our time, we ignore the folks we meet on the way, were blinkered in our determination to get the job done, so determined we are like bullies sometimes, so when you feel time is getting you done, pick the following playlist, neil young, a little leonard cohen, lady gaga, we all need beat, a little take that, and a dose of van morrison, finish with a few bob dylan tunes, and in no time at all you’ll be joyous, and the kitchen will be clean, and all of a sudden you’ll say, where did all the time go, and you’ll sleep easily and dream all night…don’t fill the vacuum that is sometimes time with worry, fill it with hopes and dreams of some might artists, and then maybe, you’ll become a star too, and about time too….amen

God is real

I’ve seen the impossible, encountered the most beautiful, and dealt with the most cunning of spies, and the devil works his act daily and in the most devious of ways, and when we come together to pray, not alone do we honor our god, but we make a stand, we declare among ourselves, the truth of our existence, and the uselessness of being alone, amen.

The reality of the devil inside…

This is an opinion about [THE DEVIL’S FAVORITE TOOL- And How to Conquer it]
society, our leaders, the news people, even our friends, evil wanders from soul to soul like a rat looking for food, and when it gets no sustenance, it gets angry, and that anger can manifest itself in the attitude friends can suddenly acquire, the trouble that descends upon you, basically put, he will even try to harm your friends and family, thereby weakening your resolve, and that’s as bad as it gets. when we become down in heart, the vacuum we create has to be filled, it’s called addiction, it’s why those that destroy love encourage hatred and resentment everywhere. i had a dream many years ago, apart from being saved from certain death, a bonus as they call it, it allowed me the chance to throw caution to all my fears, and push on regardless, and it worked. like all of us and that mountain we must climb, there are many ways to get up that hill, there will be barriers in our way, some will trek in groups, large communities, some of us will do it alone, BUT ONE THING IS CERTAIN AND WE HAVE BEEN WARNED AND WARNED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND I CANT STATE THIS ENOUGH, there are judas characters everyswhere, who do not want your light to shine, and i’ve met and dealt with a great number, and as they say, a little love goes a long long way…amen

really better off today…maybe

This is an opinion about 100 years ago?:
women children, the role of mothers, things are really better today, we just messed it up a whole lot, and it means we have to work a little better together and less on our own. progress is like nature, it’s today’s dream, just include all the love you have in that dream and watch the results, you’ll be pleasantly shocked, seriously…

the eyes of a child

Let me see with the eyes of a child
No fear no loneliness only smiles
For I know now that what I hear
Is the sweet offering of love

Kinds words kinds deeds too
kindness that is born of love.
So why asks god a little troubled above
Do I see children starving on TV

Aha hums god thinking they loved
The wealth and the prestige I allowed
prayers they used to say like children
I listened nightly .amen

Pity the little mites nothing to bite
Food aplenty for all eternity
Mankind greedy when so many needy
Vengeance swears god instead

Don’t let them die it makes me cry
Billionaires everywhere looking on
So I say this to all who resist
To see with the eyes of a child.amen

God Listens!

This is an opinion about [A Legendary talk between Jesus and the Angel Gabriel]
i have asked and received many favours from the divine, it’s not that i pray well, i just pray honestly, but if you truly believe, act in accordance with that belief, stick to the narrow road, you can ask for anything good, and if, and it’s a big if, the love you show to others, meaning those you encounter daily, if you action reflects love at work, expect something good to happen, god dwells in love and nowhere else, and she listens to all requests, it’s like applying for a role in a movie, if the director thinks your up for it, you just might get the chance to shine, amen.


This is an opinion about [Strange Connections]
it’s common to be on the same wave length of people you love, and it’s one of the gifts human share, it’s also one of the reasons we loose faith in ourselves, as those we assume to be on our radar, don’t live up to expectations. imagine for a moment how God feels, the ultimate reader of the human being, a bit let down most of the time, it’s why we all need to make better connections with those who we trust in and those that trust in us. everytime we break a special bond, and we all are guilty of this, a little dose of love dies with us, hopefully, we’ll remind ourselves of our ultimate reason for being, which is to fully develop the love we all have inside, enjoy the oranges(http://www.storylane.com/stories/show/1108185595/strange-connections):

change the world…

it’s not about you or me, it’s not about the degree you hold, it’s not about the fine
words we write or the songs we hear, it’s all about the love you create, so let it flow, the world is awash with wisdom, so use it, and be prepared for the results that will defy even the most skeptical of folks….like the good lord said all those years ago, as the prophets of old have repeated like a merry dance, it’s creation, the creation of love, so park your personal ambitions, be creators of love all of you, and watch the magic happen….