Love is calming

This is an opinion about [Oh how he loves us!]
clouds image the world, and faces I’ve often seen, and it is through the heart that God connects with us, it’s why children young shine so easily, until they are hurt and betrayed, we were warned of this by scripture, judas is real, the same way love is often betrayed, but we are living in a time, the changing of the ages, a battle is being waged for the souls of all, an unseen battle, that cannot be lost, it’s why love heals every situation, and this i stress with certainty, so much love is lost through ignorance, fear, self centeredness, and it’s the reason why there is so much panic in the world, and the great news is simply this; when we act in love we fill god with love in return which in turn is returned to us, it is that simple, and when we gather together to worship, with the same goal in mind, the creation of love, the power of darkness grows weak and weaker by the moment, it’s why all of us with the good heart need not worry, but neither can we bask in the moment, the more love we show the more our prayers are responded too, it’s why the evil doers do not want us to do good, it’s cause we give power to love, and love is the only cure for the ails of this earth. when you join an organisation that has it’s own goals of success those things that do not include outsiders, it’s a simple case of incest in practice and of no use at all, it might make us feel good, gain us friends, but at a price, so for the sake of our world, we need to grow love in all those that are young most importantly, it’s why the sexualisation of the young person is so destructive and needs to be tackled by all, especially women who know it the best. they don’t put men on show in their underwear, in a nutshell, they are telling women you are an object, apart from other things. i’ve no doubt that love is calming the world, tell everyone you know, it’s working, and the explosion of all sorts of exposures is happening all over the world, God’s way of letting us know that we are not alone, we just have to act and act for good, religion immaterial, so long as love is our motive, our hearts will show it, and our actions will grow it

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