why do we like google..

it started the first time a good friend, a man of integrity, pointed to this search site
many years ago. at a time when the web was novel, and not totally functioning, and when
the large tech companies had not got their hands or understood what honesty meant, by which i mean, they had not figured out how to rob people yet, but were trying hard to get noticed, i.e. altavista from dec and so on, i came across google, and like the old phrase says, it did what it said on the can, it didn’t direct you to all sorts of sites, but to the ones that held content relevant to the search carried out, simple honest and true, and like all good things, spread by word of mouth. i even went as far as attempt to buy shares in google many years ago, they were on DR, at the time, but the lady broker who was assisting me, didn’t see much in my thinking, i guess she would have preferred to keep me stupid and a local client, like a bookie type relationship. needless to say, she took a job with the anglo irish banking corporation not long after, a bank that ended up loosing fifty billion euro’s of the locals cash sadly, but that is google for me, honesty, savvy, and simplicity entwined..


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