Cover up…

This is an opinion about Flawed-us:
it wasn’t for comfort sake, that the Good lord told his friends, that to become a friend of the almighty, that you had to be born again, it’s a snazzy word thrown out quite a lot, i’m born again, but in order to acquire wisdom and truth about one self, you need to make discovery as they say, getting to know the real you, taking a picture of yourself at the moment you think you are ready for changing, then taking the leap, it’s like falling in love, it just happens. the worry for a lot of folks, meaning guilt retained inside oneself, is that this guilt creates a hole in the heart, a void, and like all voids, they have to be filled. the evil doers and their spirit friends know this, and can sense this hole in the heart of every living soul, so does God, and so what you might think is a secret, becomes an opportunity for them to fester and grow, the world today is so full of guilt, that it’s only by good actions can this plague be halted and healed, it’s why we rejoice at good news events, when we hear of miracles and the like, it’s why we need to stop being guilty inside, and instead start doing the right thing, which in affect is being born again, so don’t give up, we are expected to fail in the beginning and to succeed in the end, and the more love we pump into the chamber of the heart, the less room therein for evil to grow, no room for the evil spirit to take hold, believe me when i say this, it’s been going on for years, but it’s out in the open now, rejoice…

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