The emotional tyrants

It’s wrong, can’t do this, pain in my leg, this is wrong, excuses by the bucket full, yawns, more yawns, dull, head spinning, the list of well discussed reasons why we don’t do what we are supposed top do, i wonder is this just me. but getting into the emotions is really trying.
Emotional times, every one is crying, crying for change, privately publicly the call is a united one, it’s tragedy and distress, first began when life was a mess, was it something you could not say, were you afraid that he’d run away, children, women, men, everyone living, emotional is the natural one, don’t worry it’s time to let go those fears, have confidence in yourself, don’t listen to those failures, growing it’s a very emotional time, in a relationship and you have to let go, you have old friends they don’t want to know, be like us we’ll keep you safe, if you try to do that you’ll end up like sheep, emotional sometimes good but it’s usually fear, it’s holding you back that secret you can’t reveal, you have to tell someone you try the booze instead, it’s a slippery surface your suddenly on, you think you are in control but your loosing it, join a group we can help you, you become addicted to that and it’s another fall back, how can I deal with it, this pain I have inside, it’s the same fate of governments those hidden mistakes, be truthful it might hurt, ignore it and it will eat you up, I’ve been in these situations, grown comfortable among the addicted, just cant seem to do it myself, yes you can, think you heard that line before, the call of hope takes to happen, many people everyone in fact, they suffer this same problem, it’s really matter of fact, the husband is cheating, the wife is she leaving, I can’t say that, what will I do on my own, will I get a replacement, what’s going on, he meets her in the school gym, they like each other, she’s sweet and wailer thin, years grow the friend ship endures, experiences shared like we can’t let go, every plant needs space, ever see a big tree in a tightly wound space, never have and never will, mature and grow that flow, if light can’t get in where do you grow, sideways this way his way her way not the way you planned for sure, it’s why God gives us wisdom every living day, problem is we forgot, got used to excuses and all the abuses, cynicism resentment broken love and loss, you that three year old child alone in the school yard, every one else had a daddy, you didn’t understand you yearned inside, how did we see but not feel, situation been going on for years, expensive education and toys to keep you busy, never makes up for the love you craved for, lost love is replaced in many shapes and forms, a world that ignores the needs of children may soon be wishing otherwise, I had a dream many years ago, it keeps turning up trumps, today I saw a little boy lost three years old a little cap on his face, he sat quietly in a corner and watched as others passed by, fathers holding hands with their children, the little boy started to cry, why me, why do they hurt me, do they care at all, the faces the TV, the voices of the mighty and great, get even said the voice in his head, someday he’ll murder his wife, it’s happening again and again, all we can do is call an inquiry, the boy thinks as he grows old in the state penitentiary, how the so called good deal with such calamities, any better excuse for our emotional lives, have we forgotten to love, seems the mighty lord thinks so, and when the lord hurts expect a reaction, well……your children are hurting what are you going to do,
Allow tyrants dominate you, amen.


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