not just a song but a journey as well

not just a song but a long journey as well, i was driving the road chatting with the king, renewed my intentions for a world more loving, that was better for every one, a place where love grows wisely not anxiously like it does for most of my kin, I’ve had many close calls you see but my faith in folks has only been my concern, hopeful are the people we lover the more we encourage the better we all get on, the more this dream comes about the more and more i will continue to pay homage to him , been on this road awhile and i need reassurance for myself, am i honest and real like the good books says or am i just another one, open to what is true and loving not fashionable like most of those teachers who continue to come and come, people that i see preach what they like it’s only the audience that they want to see, i’m a little older now but i still have a lot of tolerance, decided to stop the car this day went into an electric cafe could have been a church but i was in a hurry, i had to acknowledge my prayer and be certain, my intention being to send across the world and universe hope the best way i can, with words like Neil young words that stir the hearts of everyone just do it i said and run, while i was there came across the effort of a young lady of tender years she seems, in her wisdom and passion she reminded me why i do the things i do, could feel her loving force her energy passed into my mind, have no idea where this journey will take me and others of similar mind, we always have to fight those who accept rather than do, their part for all of us is not the part i plan to be myself, the knowing God is very real, miracles they all come from the heart, they happen to be occurring in many locations now open your eyes and play a part, it’s great to hear from one young who is able to encourage those so older to try that little bit bolder, put doubts about destiny out of mind i thank you for the start, it’s just that we need to encourage the little ones inside them unlike many older that have lost that same old spark, but they can be re ignited again when they are reunited again it just takes a little more love for them to spark, and a little more time for us to get wiser before we make it a brand new start…and again and again, cause despite the problems and fear we all share this is our life so lets all start again and spark, sounds like you car is at it again and again…
again …amen

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